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B5 vs. LotR


This page is for all of you who read J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord Of The Rings". As you sure have noticed, there are 'some' similarities between LotR and Babylon 5. On the following pages we try to sort out who's who and what else JMS has in a way or another 'taken over' to Babylon 5.

And we just love what he has used in B5. We assume that JMS is a helluva Tolkien fan!

Enjoy and don't take it seriously. And if you haven't read LotR yet - Do it... NOW!!!

NOTE: We haven't yet read the 'Silmarillion', so this is not included in our analysis. It contains only the similarities between B5 and The Lord of the Rings.

JMS' Babylon 5

The story begins shortly before the return of the ancient enemy - the Shadows. On the station Babylon 5, a shining beacon in space, the Army of Light is gathering its forces.

This army is led by a human (John Sheridan) and a Minbari (Delenn) to fight against the Shadows. The story arc leads to the final battle between Good and Evil after which the First Ones are driven away and the younger races stand on their own.

It is the beginning of the Third Age and the dawn of a new order.

J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings

It is the story of the One Ring. The ring is the key to rule Middle-earth. After the last battle between Good and Evil it was lost for centuries. It again appears by chance during the events of 'The Hobbit'.

The trilogy itself tells about the slow return of the master of Evil, Sauron, who laid dorment since the last battle.

To prevent him to get a hold on the One Ring it has to be destroyed. The task to do so is upon the ring bearer, Frodo Baggins. Meanwhile, king Aragorn returns to unify the forces against the dark legions of Sauron. The ring is destroyed and with it darkness and magic vanish.

With magic gone the Elves and the other ancients leave Middle-earth to the West.

B5 vs. LotR