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Bruce Boxleitner - video clips

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Announcer: B-r-u-c-e Box - leit - ner.
Bruce Boxleitner: Guten Abend. <Good evening.> Woo! Thank you, thank you... Thank you. I finally made it. I'm on Star Trek now. Captain Sheridan is on Star Trek now. It feels good! What a delightful bunch of people we have for this convention, as well as all of you. So, I'm no stranger to Germany. An actress by the name of Kate Jackson and I ran around Germany back in 1984 doing a spy television series . . . I believe it was called "Agentin mit Herz" <Agent (female) with Heart>. Is that right? And we had a blast. And that was in Munich, and around Munich, and Salzburg, and Austria, yes. But I fell in love with your country, and the people, and I'm so glad that you enjoy Babylon 5. And thank you for having me here, and I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at the various talks and everything. But anyway, let's have a great party, Star Trek for ever... C'mon... C'mon... Auf Wiedersehen. <Good bye>


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Fan: From last year, in LA...
Bruce Boxleitner: Yes
Fan: You spoke about my wounded head 15 minutes.
Bruce Boxleitner: Your what?
Fan: You spoke with me about over 15 minutes about my wounded head...
Bruce Boxleitner: I did! -Help!- I spoke with you for 15 minutes?
Fan: Yeah. Between the autographs.
Bruce Boxleitner: Between the autographs. And are you coming back to get revenge or something? What? I... I bored you to death, huh?
Fan: No, I only have a question...
Bruce Boxleitner: Is there a doctor in the house? This poor woman is bleeding here.
Fan: Stephen Franklin said that, uh, last year.
Bruce Boxleitner: Stephen Franklin what?
Fan: Yeah. Richard Biggs said you need a doctor.
Bruce Boxleitner: He said I need a doctor?
Fan: No, to me.
Bruce Boxleitner: Well, I need a doctor, too, but that's another story.
Fan: I have a question about your conversation between you, as Captain John J. Sheridan, and Claudia Christian, as Commander Susan Ivanova.
Bruce Boxleitner: Uh, oh. We never touched each other. I swear to God.
Fan: One scene in the series, you said to her, "Knock, knock". And she said, "Who's there?" And then you answered, "Kosh". And when she said, "Kosh who?", you answered "Gesundheit!"
Bruce Boxleitner: Gesundheit. Yeah
Fan: And in an American scene, why have you done that?
Bruce Boxleitner: What? In America, what?
Fan: It was, um...
Bruce Boxleitner: Doesn't that mean gesundheit here? What does that mean here?
Audience: Gesundheit!
Bruce Boxleitner: Okay, okay! Lady, I didn't write those words, I just have to say 'em. That's it. So if it's gesundheit, it's gesundheit! There it is!


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Fan: As I was a child, I watched every episode of the Little House on the Prairie, German title was Our Little Farm, and I was very surprised or excited that you are married with her.
Bruce Boxleitner: Me, too!
Fan: With Laura Ingalls.
Bruce Boxleitner: Very surprised.
Fan: Could you tell us about Melissa?
Bruce Boxleitner: She's the love of my life and I don't plan to get married again. If this one fails, then that's it for me, I'll tell ya. She is what keeps me on the ground. Does that make any sense? She keeps me grounded. She's fourteen years younger than me, but she is much older than me. (Laughs) She's an old soul. She's a wonderful, wonderful woman, and a wonderful mother, and my best friend.


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Bruce Boxleitner: The last episode at the end of the fourth season, not knowing that we were going to have a fifth season, so we... finished the show. And it's called Sleeping in Light. And we had this wonderful shot of Mira Furlan and I, sitting as we're the older Sheridan and Delenn, sitting there looking at the sunse - oh, the sunrise, on... on Minbar. And just as we were watching that shot, and the camera was in back of us, and we were on a balcony of the building, looking out over Minbar... Beautiful set, beautiful lighting... And it was very tender and a very sweet moment. And then suddenly, one of the crew member's hands come up over the wall, and he comes climbing up, going, "President Sherid... President ahyaaa..." We had no idea what th... (laughs) I just... And there were many, many things. And there were so many that I can't remember. But the fact is that the cast had a wonderful time, and we did have a lot of humorous things going on to let the day go by. Especially in the makeup trailer in the morning. That was where it was like... Comedy Club. You know.


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Bruce Boxleitner: How much can I get here for this photo? Sleeping in Light? How much? Anyone have a Cuban cigar in the house? I'm a whore for Cuban cigars. Me and Monica Lewinski. Ha, ha, ha. Oh, what a girl. Anyway...