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welcome to our convention archive...

Since Babylon 5 had started there have been quite a number of B5 conventions. This is the part of JumpNow where we want to post pictures, sounds and, if we get them, panel transcripts and reports.
Since October '01 this section is a lot bigger than we planned. It now contains pictures from more than 20 conventions (all around the world). Most of these pictures are *not* property of If you want more pictures from a certain convention or want to use them on your webpages, please, ask their rightful owners (to be found as 'source').

To keep this archive growing and up to date, we need your help:
If you have been to a B5-convention recently or you have old pictures from conventions years ago - let us know via e-mail to or

Thanks to everyone who let us use their pics.

And now: Enjoy!