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awakening (sexual)Li'ransaadjective
to beginFa'kovverb
Brother In LawSala'malnoun
public buildingFornor'minnoun
clothing (everyday)Obrannoun
clothing (formal)Obran'susnoun
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door greeting (come in)Durah'simnoun
to drinkBu'riaverb
the Earth/Minbari War
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Linn ra'Tuzanaenoun
Father-In-Law (Heart Father)Va'maianoun
Fighting Monk
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a gatheringMarka'rinoun
I am your friend, in peace
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Nie'se schlect sim'waphrase
I know what is coming
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A' fa'an esan de'falaphrase
In the name of the FutureIsil'zha Veniphrase
In the name of the One
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Entil'zha Veniphrase
Interstellar Alliance
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Schlectae Sinarwanoun
to joinSumverb
joining petition
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Raha'sum Minsa'felnoun
ritual kissing
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Fal aiva'chanoun
lingere (literal - sensual underclothes)Iss'hedinnoun
Longing Sickness
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Sech'li Sakarrnoun
ritual lovemaking
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Fal kas'zha Mer'chanoun
planet Minbar
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species Minbari
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the Minbari Federation
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Minbari Sinarwa noun
Mother-In-Law (Heart Mother)Va'saianoun
Minbari people (informal)
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Human people (informal)
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pleasing to the eye (beautiful)Ker'shanadjective
to pointPikverb
Rain (gentle shower)Du'venanoun
Rain stormVenanoun
SentinelAnla'sa noun
Sentinel CommanderZhanla'sanoun
Sentinel LeaderAnla'nanoun
sexual intercourse
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Kas'zha Mernoun
ship captain
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Shai Alytnoun
Sister In LawSala'salnoun
Sleepwatching Ritual
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Vit'wa Falnoun
soul joiningSum'idnoun
soul-joining sickness
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Sum'id Sakarrnoun
tea serving ritual
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to thinkVeloverb
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Dar'ardmin Valennoun
to winZahreverb
writing implementShribenoun
[Make] the sound of gentle rain ()Na'chas du'venaphrase

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NafeelAlways Learningreligious
SheridanAncient Questing Soulunknown
Drala'FizhaDark One from the Stars (Catherine Sakai)religious
RakellDetermined Builderworker
MorannFinishes What Is Startedwarrior
ShakatInsatiable Curiousitywarrior
DurlanMasters Challenging Tasksworker
MayanMeaning Seekerreligious
A Note About Minbari Naming ConventionsMinbari do not normally use their full names when interacting. Out of a population of more than three billion, however, it's a given that there will be more than one 'Delenn' or 'Lennier'. In situations calling for more detailed identification, a Minbari will provide a clan/guild name along with his or her given name - 'Delenn' becomes 'Delenn Mir' or, more formally, 'Delenn ra'Mir' ('ra' means 'of'). When establishing a social hierarchy is required, such as a formal ceremony with many attendees, a Minbari will give their title as well - 'Min'entil Delenn ra'Mir' (Ambassador Delenn of Clan Mir). This naming convention applies to both Worker and Religious Caste. For Warriors, the honorific 'Zhaden' (Warrior) is used instead of a title - for example: 'Zhaden Shakiri ra'Vonilbok'. Unlike human family names, however, shared Minbari clan/guild names do not necessarily mean that the bearers are physically related.unknown
A Note About Name OriginsMinbari names are not bestowed lightly. They have meaning and, in large measure, tell other Minbari something about who a person is beyond mere identity. They are considered 'birth prophecies' bestowed by one's parents and family. Unlike humans, where the family lineage is traced through the father, Minbari geneology follows the mother's line. A child's mother provides him or her a 'base' name, while the father supplies an honorific of choice. 'Delenn', for example, is a compound name with 'Lenn' (Traveler) being the base taken from her mother's name. 'Del' (Grey), the honorific, was her father's contribution. Thus the name 'Delenn' is a mini prophecy that foretells the bearer will be one who walks between the Darkness and the Light...and one who will not always make the correct choice between the two.unknown
ra Tha'domoof [the] Fighting Monks (Religious Order)religious
ra Ahaeldenof [the] Fire Wings (Warrior Clan)warrior
ra Vonilbokof [the] Wind Swords (Warrior Clan)warrior
Vik'irildunSeaweed Head (Catherine Sakai)warrior
FaraShining Dawnworker
Zha Ver'kaffThe Outside One (Catherine Sakai)religious
BranmerTo Bind Togetherwarrior
LennierTraveling Companionreligious
ArlennTravels in the Lightreligious
ArdbarWorld of Light (Minbari primary star)religious
Midiri[the] Soul Sea (Minbari secondary star)religious

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