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the Earth/Minbari War
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Linn ra'Tuzanaenoun
to be sexually aware
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Shadow Warrior
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War Leader
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Zha'den Nanoun
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Warrior caste
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Min'aia Den'shoknoun
warrior language
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NeroonBrave Warriorwarrior
A Note About Minbari Naming ConventionsMinbari do not normally use their full names when interacting. Out of a population of more than three billion, however, it's a given that there will be more than one 'Delenn' or 'Lennier'. In situations calling for more detailed identification, a Minbari will provide a clan/guild name along with his or her given name - 'Delenn' becomes 'Delenn Mir' or, more formally, 'Delenn ra'Mir' ('ra' means 'of'). When establishing a social hierarchy is required, such as a formal ceremony with many attendees, a Minbari will give their title as well - 'Min'entil Delenn ra'Mir' (Ambassador Delenn of Clan Mir). This naming convention applies to both Worker and Religious Caste. For Warriors, the honorific 'Zhaden' (Warrior) is used instead of a title - for example: 'Zhaden Shakiri ra'Vonilbok'. Unlike human family names, however, shared Minbari clan/guild names do not necessarily mean that the bearers are physically related.unknown
ra Ahaeldenof [the] Fire Wings (Warrior Clan)warrior
ra Shaibar'nikof [the] Moon Shields (Warrior Clan)warrior
ra Fe'endumaof [the] Night Walkers (Warrior Clan)warrior
ra Fi'sularaeof [the] Star Riders (Warrior Clan)warrior
ra Vonilbokof [the] Wind Swords (Warrior Clan)warrior

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