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High Priest
=> notes...
Mir'aalenglish | adronato
High Priestess
=> notes...
Mir'aalaenglish | adronato
his Mah'english | adronato
to hold (cherish in thought)Me'lira teenglish | adronato
to hold (neutral)Anhakenglish | adronato
homeMinenglish | adronato
home (residence)Min'dunenglish | adronato
the homeworldMinbarenglish | adronato
to honorSusenglish | adronato
honored family member (Usually a grandparent)Av'english | adronato
Honored One (neutral honorific)Su'zhaenglish | adronato
Minbari hour
=> notes...
Ul'valenglish | adronato
how?Ce'hak?english | adronato
species Human
=> notes...
Torrbarienglish | adronato
Human tongue (see 'English')Inglissenglish | adronato
=> notes...
Id'minbarienglish | adronato
Humans (derogatory, the Outer Enemy)Ver'min Shokenglish | adronato
to hurryFe'durahenglish | adronato
HusbandMalaenglish | adronato
IA'english | adronato
I amNieenglish | adronato
I am your friend, in peace
=> notes...
Nie'se schlect sim'waenglish | adronato
I have...In'Aenglish | adronato
I knowA' fa'anenglish | adronato
I know what is coming
=> notes...
A' fa'an esan de'falaenglish | adronato
I loveA'felenglish | adronato
I love youA'fel E'english | adronato
I yield to your authority
=> notes...
Defa Eh'rustenglish | adronato
IceKhon'vahenglish | adronato
inSimenglish | adronato
In the name of the FutureIsil'zha Venienglish | adronato
In the name of the One
=> notes...
Entil'zha Venienglish | adronato
Interstellar Alliance
=> notes...
Schlectae Sinarwaenglish | adronato
is (from "to be")Medenglish | adronato
islandTor'irilenglish | adronato
jewelKanenglish | adronato
jewelryHela'kanenglish | adronato
to joinSumenglish | adronato
joining petition
=> notes...
Raha'sum Minsa'felenglish | adronato
female Journeyman
=> notes...
Hakanaenglish | adronato

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