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   The first sensation Lennier became aware of was discomfort. To call it pain would have been an overstatement. There was a sense of inherent wrongness, a feeling that reality had shifted slightly to the left without bothering to inform its participants of the change.

   Lennier lifted his head slightly, then let it drop back onto the bed. No, vertical would not be a good idea at this point. Diagonal was much safer.

   "Do not move," a voice told him in Adronato. Lennier struggled, but could not recognize the voice. "The healers have examined you. There is no permanent damage, but you will be weak for some time."

   Lennier nodded and relaxed back into slumber. Somewhere in the back of his mind, it occurred to him that he knew every member of the religious caste on Babylon 5. For him not to recognize the voice that so kindly reassured him was a bad sign. But, of course, mysteries would remain. Sleep was more important now.



   "He is sleeping now, Satai."

   "Are you sure he is the only survivor?"

   Droshal lay the data crystal on the table before his mentor. "Sadly, yes. The healers are optimistic about his recovery, but it may be time before we can get any coherent answers out of him."

   The Satai began to turn the crystal between her fingers. "And the ship?"

   "Damaged, but not unsalvageable. The repair data is on the crystal."

   "Good. Tag it as salvage in the name of Family Mir." The Satai set the crystal back on the table. "Be prepared to defend it when the Starriders arrive." At Droshal's look of distaste, she smiled. "They always show up when something of value can be taken."

   "Yes, Satai."

   "When may I speak with the survivor?"

   "The healers estimate one hour." Droshal had seen the young Minbari and questioned the healers' optimism. However, he did not mention this to the Satai.

   "Good. You will inform me when he is able to have visitors. If that is all, Droshal...."

   There was a momentary hesitation. Droshal had served the Satai many years. He knew her better than members of his own family. He also knew that to withhold information of this importance from her would be foolish and dangerous. Still, he hesitated.

   "If that is all?" she prompted.

   "There is another matter, Satai. The ship."

   "'Damaged, but not unsalvageable.' Is there more?"

   "Yes. As you know, the ship our guest arrived on contained technology we do not recognize or understand. There is obviously a great deal of Minbari influence in the design, but..."

   The Satai leaned back in her chair, an expression of patience finding its way onto her slim features. "But?"

   "We have reason to believe the ship may also include Vorlon technology."

   She sat straight up. "How is that possible?"

   "We don't know. But many of the designs match those of the ancient texts."

   A smile spread across Delenn's face, a smile that made Droshal decidedly nervous. "Well, Droshal," she murmured. "We may have stumbled onto a find of even greater value than we suspected."





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