By Deborah Baudoin




   Lennier drew in a deep breath. It smelled of home. How long had it been since he smelled home? His mind wondered backwards, always questioning, confused but excited. Home. Temple bells. Incense. Chanting. He thought of the chaos on Babylon 5, the lack of order, the lack of structure, and his mind nestled deeply into the memory of temple.

   "He's gaining consciousness, Droshal."

   A voice, again in Adronato. A name. He did not know Droshal. Nor did he recognize his voice.

   "The Satai wishes to speak with him."

   Satai. Ancient word, ancient sound. The sound of bells....

   "I estimate several hours before he can stand. More until he can safely leave the Healing."

   "He need not stand or leave. She will come to him."


   "She has an interest."

   The one Droshal spoke with did not respond. Apparently, Lennier thought through the haze, an interest was enough. He did not hear the rest of the conversation. His mind fell back into the welcome embrace of memory as he drifted off to sleep.



   Delenn sat in her quarters, studying the data crystal Droshal had procured. Her eyes drank in the information, quickly translating the technical jargon into a more realistic text: power. Delenn had never desired power for herself. No, all she'd ever wanted was a quiet berth in temple where she could steep herself in the teachings of the Ancients until she passed beyond the Vale.

   But fate had not dealt kindly with Delenn's ambitions. The more she had tried to burrow into the serenity of Temple, the more her life had been drawn into the chaos of the outside world. Her father's death ten years earlier had sealed her fate. With no one else to lead it, the Family Mir had forced Delenn into a position of power, saddling her with the ancient title of Satai, and making her a target for the likes of Neroon.

   At the name, Delenn grimaced. Few had inspired such animosity in her. And now, with this kind gift of technology, she could finally rid herself of the Starrider's unwanted attention. One way or another....


   An incoming message from Droshal interrupted her thoughts.


   "The patient is awake. You may speak with him now."

   Good, thought Delenn. Perhaps this young Minbari would hold the keys to the mystery of the Vorlons. Perhaps he held the key to many things.





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