By Deborah Baudoin




   Lennier awoke.

   The healer spoke to him slowly. "What is your name?"

   A small, rational voice whispered through the haze in his mind. A simple question, often used with concussion patients. He did not realize he'd remained silent until the question came again.

   "What is your name?"

   It took more effort than he expected. "I am Lennier, of the Third Fain of Chudomo."

   "Do you know where you are?"

   Another simple question. Another simple answer.


   "Do you know what happened to you?"

   Lennier struggled with that one. Did he know what happened to him? Was the healer referring to the time he assisted with the Ceremony of Bells in Temple? Or perhaps his twentieth year celebration, where he was given...

   No. It had to be more immediate that that.

   "Do you remember anything about the accident," the healer prompted.

   White light. Confusion.

   "No," he responded quietly. To expresss the depth of his confusion would require more energy than he had. So he said nothing else.

   This seemed to satisfy the healer, who turned to another Minbari and spoke quietly for a moment. The second Minbari turned and left the room.

   "Rest, now," the healer said. "The Satai will be here in a few moments. She will speak to you."

   Lennier heard nothing past the word "rest." It seemed to him that a time had existed before the spinning images in his head, but he couldn't for the life of him remember it. He closed his eyes, fighting off the images whirling before him. He could hear voices in his mind, an odd mixture of English and Adronato. He was just beginning to sort them out when a voice cut through the mist.

   "You are Lennier, of the Third Fain of Chudomo?"

   "Delenn...." He opened his eyes. She sat before him, a vision from his past, Delenn as he'd always seen her--full Minbari, Satai. She responded to his mention of her name by turning to the healer, then to the Minbari who had brought her back with him.

   " know my name?"

   With effort, Lennier smiled. "I almost did not recognize you. Except your voice." A small part of his mind questioned the change, wondered how this could be. But the greater part of him reveled in her presence. If Delenn were present, then it would be alright.

   She hesitated for just a moment...anyone who did not know her would have missed it. "Lennier, can you tell me anything about the accident that brought you here?"

   "I..." The words were becoming more difficult to pronounce. "I'm sorry, Entil'zha. It is...confusing."

   Again, she turned a questioning glance to the others present. With a smile, she answered, "That is alright. There is time. You should rest now. I will return when you are stronger, and we will talk again."

   Lennier nodded and fell asleep, secure in the fact that Delenn was with him.



   Delenn exited the Healing with Droshal at her side. Once they were clear of the doors, she turned to him.

   "Have you finished downloading the records from his ship?"

   "I will have them to you within the hour, Satai."

   "Good. I want them as soon as possible."

   Droshal hesitated, then put a hand on her shoulder. "'Entil'zha?'"

   The look she gave him would have withered anyone else. "I want the records from that ship," she repeated. "And double security."

   Droshal nodded. "Yes, Satai." And he was gone.





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