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PAIRINGS: John/Delenn
RATING: G, PG-13 maybe for theme.

- Cheri Hathaway 9/21/97





Sheridan's Escape

By Cheryl Hathaway

Bitter cold,
Stinging wind,
Breathing re-warmed air.
Running when I didn't think
That I could even walk,
Pounding footfalls, lancing pain--
Like lightning
Coursing through my soul.

Hands holding,
Arms helping,
Falling, at last--to just lie still.
Panting, hurts too much to breathe,
Knowing that I must.
Can't believe
I'm out of the darkness.
Eyes stinging with the light.

Delenn, my love,
My second self,
The best part of my soul.
My aching head, she gently holds,
In her trembling hands.
Through her eyes, I look
And see the depths
Of fear transcended.

I am free.
I can let go,
But freedom is a tainted dream.
My hands grasp for the arms of the chair--
Reality in chaos.
I wait for pain. I've paid
And paid, but
The debt is never settled.

Delenn, her eyes
Like pools of peace.
Her unheard voice speaks volumes.
She intertwines our souls again;
Our fingers mesh together.
My spirit and my life
Are hers
To have and hold forever.





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