By Cheryl Hathaway




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SUMMARY: A short reflection after watching "Intersections in Real Time," the hardest episode of 'Babylon 5' I have ever watched, written during that endless summer between "Intersections..." and "Between the Darkness and the Light." Dedicated, of course, to John Sheridan, and to Bruce Boxleitner and JMS for creating him.
RATING: G, maybe PG-13 for the adult themes it alludes to.

- C. Hathaway 7/24/97





A Moment in Time

By Cheryl Hathaway

I never knew
that you could
break my heart
with just your eyes.

The trembling hand,
the clenched fist,
the racking cough
that shook your frame:

All painted the picture,
set the stage,
cried out in need
For release.

But the eyes
expressed so many
things unsaid with
the lips:
Defiance, fear,
frustration, anger,
resignation, and
yes, denial.

Your eyes were
what finished me,
stopped me dead,
and held me there
imprisoned like you,
in a moment of time,
lost in a world of





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