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CP Canon PairingThere are ten canon pairings in the Babylon 5 series. I included one from Crusade as well: John/Delenn; Susan/Talia; Sinclair/Catherine; Sinclair/Carolyn; Garibaldi/Lise; Franklin/Halloran; Lyta/Byron; Vir/Lyndisty; Londo/Daggair; Londo/Adira; Gideon/Lochley. While considered more or less canon, the below had either ended by the run of the series or would probably have existed had the series run longer (or had Marcus not become a popsicle): Susan/Marcus; Lyta/Zack; John/Anna; John/Lochley. See 'Romance', Shorthand Codes', 'Uncommon Pairing'.
OTP/OT3 One True PairingThe belief that there is only one important pairing in any given situation (such as a TV series) and that all others are either backstory or non-canon. Under this belief, the OTP in Babylon 5 is John Sheridan and Delenn although there are other 'canon' pairings simply because their romance is a major plot element. It influences other non-romantic plots and subplots in a way that other B5 pairings do not. In situations involving a love triangle, OTP becomes OT3. Note that adding Lennier into the J&D relationship does not constitute an OT3 - although he loves Delenn, she doesn't reciprocate (at least not romantically). See 'Canon Pairing', 'Uncommon Pairing'.
PairingThe romantic aspect/relationship explored in a fanfiction. Almost any pairing is possible. When written into the header of a story, the primary character (as listed in the series credits) should be placed first. For example, the pairing shorthand for John Sheridan and Delenn is 'J/D' rather than 'D/J' because John appears first in the credits. Although she is the female lead, Delenn usually appears fourth behind Susan and Michael (In the series, the main cast is credited alphabetically). See 'Romance', 'Canon Pairing', 'Uncommon Pairing', 'Shorthand Codes'.
Single-Gender PairingSlash relationships in fanfiction. One of the assumptions made in the Babylon 5 universe is that homosexuality is an accepted fact of life and that the general public is far more tolerant of it than it is today. See 'Rating', 'Erotica', 'Femslash', 'Male Slash', 'Pairing', 'Bisexual', 'Sex'.
UC Uncommon PairingRomance pairings that do not exist in the canon Babylon 5 universe and are primarily figments of a fanfiction author's imagination. Pairing Delenn with Lennier or John with Susan are two examples, but with the large cast the series employed the permutations are almost limitless. While the relationships themselves may be non-canon, elements necessary to make some of them possible were present in the series and exploring the effect such relationships might have had on events in the B5 universe has kept many fic writers gainfully employed in their hobby. See 'Canon Pairing', 'Alternate Universe, 'Angst', 'Shipper', 'Erotica'.

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