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RP RoleplayAssuming the identity of a canon or non-canon character and representing oneself as that character in online conversations and activities. Popular in livejournals and web communities. Participants in roleplaying activities usually are aware of the true identities of those they are conversing with, even if the roleplayers are totally in character. Roleplaying fictional people such as Susan Ivanova is ok; roleplaying RLP such as Claudia Christian is a no-no. See 'Avatar', 'Anywhere but Here', 'Multi User Shared Hallucination', 'Mary Sue', 'Roleplaying Game'.
RPG Roleplaying GameIn the Babylon 5 fandom, fans who come together either in person or online, assume their avatars and interact within a moderated adventure set in the B5 universe. While not an element of fanfiction per se, roleplaying games require all the same elements (plot, setting, characters, dialogue) that fanfics do and so the two are closely related. Often, results of completed RPG campaigns are later rewritten in prose form and become fanfics. See 'Anywhere but Here', 'Multi User Shared Hallucination', 'Mary Sue', 'Roleplay'.

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