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ActorActors are those that undertake activities to either resolve or confound the problem the fic author has put before them. Unlike the Babylon 5 TV series, where people like Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan and other professionals (real live people) are the actors, the characters they portrayed are the actors in a fic. For fanfiction purposes, Bruce, Mira, Claudia and Jerry don't exist - John Sheridan, Delenn, Susan Ivanova and Michael Garibaldi do - and its just coincidence that some Hollywood folks bear uncanny resemblances to them. See 'Cast'.
AF ActorficAlso called Celebfics. These are fantasies about real live people, usually actors, actresses or singers. Written in first person point of view, they generally describe an imagined chance encounter between the author and the that subsequently leads to sex. Not surprisingly, these are usually written by men. I've never seen any of these incorporating actors or actresses in the Babylon 5 cast, but I have in others. See 'Smut', 'Pornography'.
Squick FactorA fanfiction reader's squick factor is his/her tolerance point when reading obscene, irreverant or otherwise objectionable material. For fic authors, it would be the point at which they draw the line at describing such activities for fear of appearing to be perverts or mentally deranged. If you are reading a fic and you come to a scene that makes you say or think 'Eww Gross!', you have just come up on your squick factor. See 'Fan Rated for Adults Only', 'Pornography', 'Smut', 'Rapefic', 'Caveat Lector'.

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