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CanonLiterally, a book written while under divine inspiration and approved for inclusion in the Bible. When used in reference to Babylon 5, elements are 'canon' if J Michael Straczynski wrote them, confirmed them or they appeared in an episode or one of the accepted B5 novels. Only JMS or someone he authorizes can develop canon B5 material. With all that said, what constitutes canon within B5 is still sometimes a matter for debate as (much like the true Great Maker) JMS has contradicted himself on occasion. That's his story and he's sticking to it. ;)
CP Canon PairingThere are ten canon pairings in the Babylon 5 series. I included one from Crusade as well: John/Delenn; Susan/Talia; Sinclair/Catherine; Sinclair/Carolyn; Garibaldi/Lise; Franklin/Halloran; Lyta/Byron; Vir/Lyndisty; Londo/Daggair; Londo/Adira; Gideon/Lochley. While considered more or less canon, the below had either ended by the run of the series or would probably have existed had the series run longer (or had Marcus not become a popsicle): Susan/Marcus; Lyta/Zack; John/Anna; John/Lochley. See 'Romance', Shorthand Codes', 'Uncommon Pairing'.
Non-canonEverything that an unofficial writer (a fanfiction author) or fan comes up with and puts in a story. Any original characters or situations developed in a fic are non-canon. Non-canon doesn't equate to 'bad' - it's not a measure of quality. It's an acknowledgement that a fic writer isnít an official source. Bear in mind that all Babylon 5 fanfic is the intellectual property of Warner Brothers, even though fans write it. We are playing with other peopleís toys. See 'J Michael Straczynski', 'Alternate Universe', 'Speculation'.

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