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CharacterA character is an imaginary person an author navigates through a story. In fanfiction, authors use both popular characters developed by others and those they invent themselves to act out their stories. When properly developed, characters become real in the minds of both the reader and author. Many experienced authors admit they go through periods when the characters literally talk to them as they write. Get out the Lithium. See 'Cast', 'Actor'.
CD Character DeathLike notifying a potential reader what the pairing of a story is, a character death warning informs the reader that a major canon character will die in the story. Deathfic always has a character death by definition, but stories incorporating a character death arenít always Deathfics because they are not always tragedies (Villains can also die, after all). The warning is simply a notification that a main character dies, without indicating the importance of said death in the story. See 'Tragedy'.
CharacterizationIn Babylon 5 fanfiction, characterization refers to how accurately and faithfully the fic author recreates the nuances and personality of a canon character, or how believably he or she develops a non-canon character. Ultimately, the fic author wants the reader to accept the character as true to the one J Michael Straczynski developed (canon) or as one JMS could have developed (non-canon). See 'Plot', 'Setting', 'Dialogue'.
IC In CharacterThe state of consistantly and accurately reproducing the voices, mannerisms and actions of canon characters in a fanfiction as J Michael Straczynski would have done. For Original Characters, maintaining them IC consists of establishing their baseline personalities early in the fic and not allowing them to deviate afterwards. See 'Out of Character'.
Main CharacterA generic term for the primary actor in a story. The Main Character differs from the Hero/Heroine in that he or she is the person followed throughout the story, but is not necessarily the character attempting to resolve the plot. For example, a Babylon 5 story may have Vir Cotto as the main character, but he may merely be the onlooker through whom the reader observes the activities of the Heroes and Villains. See 'Antagonist', 'Protagonist', 'Supporting Character', 'Point of View'.
OC Original CharacterA character introduced and developed by a fanfiction author rather than a canon source. These are not to be necessarily equated with Mary Sues or Gary Lous - well developed non-canon characters can stand on their own merits and with time and patience can become almost as accepted as their canon counterparts.
OOC Out of CharacterWhen canon or sufficiently developed non-canon characters say or do things inconsistant with their established personalities or previous activities, they are said to be acting 'Out of Character'. Since fanfiction often explores aspects of the characters the series bypassed or ignored, a certain amount of deviation is OK, but things like having John panic in a tense situation, having Delenn publicly fly into a rage or having Susan be nice to someone ;) can erode a reader's suspension of disbelief and should be avoided. See 'In Character'.
Supporting CharacterA character within the story who facilitates, assists, or provides information to the Main Character. Supporting characters are not fixed. In the largely ensemble Babylon 5 universe, any character, even those who are normally main characters, can be supporting depending on the plot. See 'Hero/Heroine', 'Antagonist', 'Protagonist', 'Villain', 'Point of View'.

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