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ContinuityThe Devil is in the details. In order to make the reader believe he or she is in the Babylon 5 universe, a fanfiction needs to first be consistent with the show and second, needs to maintain internal consistency. This means that the general background conditions established in the show need to be maintained in the fic. Thus, if Minbar has a cool climate in the B5 series, it should have a cool climate in a fic. Internally, if a fic author establishes the logical but non-canon premise that Minbari only marry once in their lives, he or she shouldn’t have Delenn shopping for a new husband after John Sheridan departs in . See 'Speculation', 'Characterization'.
Continuity Error What happens when a character says or does one thing at the beginning of a fanfiction, and then says or does something completely counter to the first statement or action later in the fic. This usually happens when the environment established for the story becomes so complicated that the author forgets what they (or their characters) said or did before. The greater the level of detail in a fic, or the longer it is, the more chance there is for a continuity error. A good beta reader/editor can catch a lot of these before the web audience sees them and starts asking questions. See 'beta reader/editor'.

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