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DialogueNarrowly, two or more characters conversing (See Monologue). Broadly, all the words that come out of the character's mouths. It's always best to mimic J Michael Straczynski's writing style for the canon characters. This requires some familiarity with the broadcast series, and some study of the character's speech patterns. Just to use John and Delenn as examples, John is an American Midwesterner. He's going to use contractions, have a slight twang in his speech and run his words together on occasion. In contrast, Delenn learned English as an adult, speaks very formally with few contractions even in casual conversation, and always considers her words very carefully. Even at that, she will use the wrong term from time to time.
Purple Monologue / DialogueA sometimes-unwelcome staple of Drama and Romance fanfiction, employing purple monologue/dialogue is beating a reader over the head with emotional exposition to the point where the reader finally says 'Give it a rest, already!' For example, Delenn saying 'I love you' to John isn't purple. Having her get a dreamy look on her face while rambling on about the depth of that love for three or four paragraphs without pausing for breath can be. On the positive side, J Michael Straczynski's writing style waxes purple on occasion, so it's not totally out of character for fic characters to let the prosaic verbiage fly every now and then. Mary Sues are especially adept at belching in technicolor. See 'Badfic/Suckfic', 'Mystery Science Theater', 'Slush/Smarm'.

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