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B5 Plot StructureThree is more than a sacred number to the Minbari - it's also the number of plots in the average Babylon 5 episode. To assemble and write a full-length B5 episodic story, there should be an 'A' Plot - The primary problem the main characters are trying to resolve; a 'B' Plot - A problem that may or may not be related to the primary plot that is being worked by other characters; and a 'C' Plot - a relatively minor issue or comic relief that serves to break up the intensity of the other two plots. See 'Pacing', 'Script/Teleplay'.
PlotAlso called the theme, premise or problem statement. This is the meat of a serious fanfiction - an original idea or situation explored by the fic author through the characters. In order for all the other elements of a fic to work properly, the Plot has to be one that will hold the reader's interest. Not all fics need to have substantial plots, however. See 'Sillyfic', 'Porn Without Plot'.
Plot Bunny A story idea that hasn't made it to paper yet. If you're a fanfiction author or aspire to be one, these are the suckers that keep you awake at night. See 'Plot', 'Scribbling'.
PWP Porn Without PlotAlso known as 'Plot? What Plot?', these stories are mainly excuses to throw favorite characters into sexual gymnastics with one another. Needless to say, they usually carry FRAO ratings and can be fairly graphic. They're also usually lighthearted comedies at heart and are not to be taken particularly seriously. See 'rating', 'Erotica', 'Comedy', 'Pairing', 'Fan Rated for Adults Only'.

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