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BI BisexualA character or multiple characters who exhibit sexual attraction to or engage in sexual relations with more than one gender within a story. That Susan Ivanova and Talia Winters are bisexual is canon in the Babylon 5 universe, and stories exploring the relationship between them and others can be classified either as 'Bi' or single-gender. See Single-Gender 'Pairing'.
HET HeterosexualThe most common type of sexual content in a fanfiction, 'HET' is a code indicating that sexual situations between males and females exist in a story. Often used in conjunction with FRT, FRM and FRAO ratings. See Fan Rated for Teenagers, Fan Rated for Mature Audiences, Fan Rated for Adults Only.
SexSex - heterosexual, bisexual, pure slash and interspecies - is canon in the Babylon 5 universe and is perfectly acceptable for inclusion in fanfiction. In the interest of maintaining the reader's suspension of disbelief, however, a non-Porn Without Plot fic should strive to keep foreplay and intercourse within the bounds of reason. As much as some might wish differently, humans (and presumably most other species) need recuperative time between encounters. Similarly, there are simply some positions that can't be gotten into no matter how much yoga training the character has and, as a final note, it is also perfectly acceptable for male characters to be normal-sized. See 'Rating', 'Erotica', 'Pairing', 'Femslash', 'Male Slash', 'Romance', 'Pornography', 'Smut'.
UST Unresolved Sexual TensionA term applied to canon characters who exhibited some physical attraction to one another on screen but either never consummated that attraction or had their relationship otherwise sidetracked. In fanfiction, those unconcluded relationships are often carried forward so the readers can see the possible outcomes. The most common UST characters are Susan/Talia and Susan/Marcus, but...depending on how much subtext one reads into glances and gestures...UST also existed between Delenn/Sinclair, Delenn/Lennier, John/Susan and Sinclair/Garibaldi. See also Uncommon Pairing.

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