By Frieda W. Landau





   I wanted to try my hand at an erotic story. Okay, an x-rated story. :-) But I didn't want to do another "first time" for John and Delenn story or a variation on the shan fal stories. And I didn't want to do a Marcus/Ivanova story. In fact, I didn't want to do an erotic story about any of the usual B5 characters. Then I thought of Mayan, Delenn's poet friend. I recently wrote a long story featuring Mayan (A Friend of the Family), during which she met a human ranger. That story ended with the ranger traveling to Minbar with her. Perfect, I thought. Just the two characters I want. I hope you think so too.

   I've borrowed bits of minbari plumbing from other stories (it's not plagerism if you say you're stealing ) and added a few details of my own, including the candle. Minbari always have candles around. :-)

   This is my maiden effort at erotica, so, please be gentle!






In Valen's name, what was she getting into? Or to be precise, what was about to get into her? What was she thinking of? That thought made her smile. It was more like what she was thinking with! Three cycles had passed since the death of the only male who had ever touched her soul as well as her heart. She knew without question they would meet again in the place where no shadows fall. But that was a long way off. And she was still alive. And she missed the comfort of strong arms around her, the feel of firm, male flesh between her thighs. For a few moments she was lost in old memories. Then, she shook her head.

   "Mayan," she told herself sternly, "You are out of your mind to even contemplate taking a human lover." She shook her head again. No Minbari female, save one, had ever taken a human lover, and then only in extraordinary circumstances. Yet, here she was, waiting for the human Anla'Shok to share her bed. True, he was pleasing to look at, long-limbed and well muscled, with light grey eyes so startling in that dark-complected face; a face that was all sharp angles and planes until it was softened by his smile. He was charming and amusing, and a warrior. Everything she usually looked for in a potential lover. But he was human!

   She touched the old, faded scar on her forehead. A few months ago, the very idea of bedding a human would have repulsed her. A few weeks ago, she would have laughed at the idea. And now...? Yes, what about now? What did she know of human lovemaking?

   And how could he know what pleases a Minbari female? No, the idea was absurd.... But he does know, she remembered.

   Ten standard earth days ago, the human Ranger Jason Kendrick surprised her by boarding the same transport that was taking her home to Minbar from Babylon 5. He had a week's leave, he told her, before reporting for duty at the Ranger training compound near her home outside Tuzanor. She was delighted. He was a wonderful traveling companion, lighthearted, witty, and knowledgeable, as she discovered again. But the transport was neither direct nor fast. When she pointed this out to him, noting that he would spend his whole leave time en route, he smiled. He wanted to relax, he said. And a slow transport with a beautiful and talented poet for a companion was perfect. She blushed when she realized he was not joking. They spent the first few days alternately talking of their experiences and sitting companionably watching the stars whenever they emerged from hyperspace.

   The fourth day, as he said good night at the door of her cabin, she impulsively pulled the dark head down to hers. To the surprise of both, she kissed him, gently brushing his lips with her own. She started to apologize. He smiled and said he'd wanted to do that for a while now, but was too afraid to try. That made her smile. She told him that Entil'Zha herself said he had a reputation among the female Rangers. No female, human or Minbari, was safe from his charms. When he protested, she reached up to pat his cheek in fun. He turned into her hand and kissed the palm. Before she could react to this so very Minbari gesture of affection and desire, he whispered good night. Then he left, disappearing quickly down the far corridor.

   The next morning neither mentioned the incident at breakfast. They spoke of the same things as all the other mornings: poetry, of course, and worlds they had seen, and the dangers and rewards of the Ranger life. By the end of the day, she could almost believe it had never happened. She was laughing at an absurd story of his training days, not believing for a moment he was ever as naive as he described himself, as he walked her to her quarters that night. When the story ended and they both stopped laughing, there was a moment=92s awkwardness. Then he kissed her, gently at first, then harder as she responded to the sudden surge of passion. As they kissed, tongues probing and teeth softly nipping, he stroked the back of her head between the flutes of her crest. Where had he learned that trick, she wondered, even as her body responded automatically. When they broke the kiss, both a bit flushed and breathless, he again abruptly said good night and disappeared.

   There was no mistaking his intentions that time, she remembered thinking afterward as she lay sleepless. But what were hers? She had just kissed a human, for Valen's sake, with a passion she had not felt since the death of her lover in the starfire wheel. She could think of him now without the soul-searing torment of those first few months after his death. She could even say his name without too much pain. Only the nights were still bad sometimes, when she would awaken in the dark, her body aching for his touch. When the ache and the need became too much for her, she would pleasure herself, crying out his name as she climaxed, just as she had when he shared her bed. But her fingers were no substitute for his, her hands poor compensation for the lack of his engorged phallus inside her. Afterward, she would cry herself to sleep.

   She said his name aloud now, as she paced the room that overlooked her sheltered garden.


   Perhaps, after all, it was best that she take a human lover now. That way she could not make comparisons.

   "That's not entirely true," Mayan said aloud, stopping in front of the window. She was Minbari. Her body would respond only to the same stimuli as all Minbari females. Did it really matter if the male was of a different race? She thought again of last week's voyage, especially of the last day.

   A few hours before the scheduled arrival at the main port of Minbar, she was looking at the viewscreen in the empty forward passenger lounge. The screen covered nearly all of one wall, giving the illusion of a window. As she watched the colors of hyperspace collide and fold into each other, she felt rather than saw Kendrick come up behind her. They had breakfasted together as usual, talking of everything except last night's kiss. She was still confused. Pleading the need to be alone to write of the voyage while the details were still fresh, she managed to avoid him most of the day. She hadn't deceived him, she knew. He had kissed her again, briefly this time, smiled and said he would see her later.

   Now he stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders. Her head barely reached the top of his breastbone. She could feel his breath on her head where the sensitive pigmented area met her bonecrest. He kissed the blue patch softly and she sighed. She tilted her head back against his chest to give him greater access as he began to kiss and lick the inside surface of her crest. She sighed again and closed her eyes. He ran his hands down her arms to her wrists, holding her close against him. He continued to lick at her crest until she was almost purring. He brought one hand up to cup her breast. Why was he doing that? Breasts weren't an important center of pleasure. She gasped. As he flicked his thumb along the nipple, she felt a tingling ache begin to build. Perhaps she should re-evaluate her opinion of the pleasure potential of breasts! With his other hand, he gently rubbed low on her belly. She moaned softly. He rubbed harder, then switched to a kneading motion. She felt herself opening for him, the warm wetness escaping as her slit widened.

   She turned in his arms, mouth searching for his, hands stroking his back. She felt the hard bulge in his trousers rub against her stomach and pressed herself closer to him. She reached to pull his head down. When she touched his hair, she recoiled in shock. She had forgotten he was not Minbari! He smiled in understanding and reached for her again.

   Before she could respond, they heard voices approaching the hatch to the lounge.

   By the time a Brakiri family of five entered, Mayan and the Ranger were standing side by side, apparently watching the viewscreen with great interest. Mayan bowed formally, first to the newcomers, then to Kendrick.

   "Farewell, Anla'Shok. I will see you when we disembark," she said, her voice expressionless, and walked out.

   She hurried to her cabin, heart still racing. As she finished packing, she thought of what had just happened. For the first time since the death of Neroon, she had responded to the caresses of a male. And a human male at that. She had laughed at that thought, thinking she and Delenn were not so unlike after all.

   Mayan stopped pacing, laughing at the memory. If the human Ranger could learn to please a Minbari female, then she could certainly learn to please a human male!

   She saw him from the window, as she had the first time. He walked purposefully up the path to the door. And, again, she opened it before he could knock. Mayan greeted him with a broad smile.

   "Still anticipating me, I see," Kendrick said, smiling just as broadly.

   "Is that a bad thing?" she asked innocently.

   He laughed. He picked her up and kissed her soundly. Putting her back on her feet, both slightly breathless, he declared he'd had a long day and he was weak with hunger.

   "We can't have that," she said with mock seriousness as she lead him to a low table already set for dinner. As they ate, he told her of his new duties at the nearby Ranger Training Center.

   "I'm teaching human style unarmed combat to the new recruits. Close in, hand to hand contact. Would you like a demonstration?"

   Mayan smiled as she asked him, "Are you a good teacher?"

   "That depends on the student."

   "I'm a quick study." Mayan's smile widened.

   "I suspected as much," he said dryly, then grinned.

   After dinner, while he cleared up, she changed into a loose fitting white robe that covered but did not conceal. He whistled in admiration, and then explained at her enquiring glance.

   "Then my robe pleases you," she said with satisfaction.

   She came close to him. Reaching up, she pulled his head down to hers. She stroked his hair, studying the texture with her fingers. She gently brushed a finger across his eyebrows and along the bridge of his nose. Then she ran her hand along his smooth-shaven chin.

   "You are so different from any male I have ever known. Teach me to please you." Her voice was husky with desire.

   He took her hands and kissed the palms. "You please me every time I am with you." Before she could protest, he smiled and continued, "I know what you mean. Why don't you start by exploring, hmm?" He returned her sudden grin. "I thought you'd like that idea."

   She pulled him over to the broad couch. She sat astride his lap and pushed him against the cushions of the back. She began to kiss and lick and nibble at every part of his face. She gently kissed his lids and lashes, then trailed kisses down one side to his chin, where her tongue scraped across the emerging stubble. She nuzzled the side of his neck while her fingers explored the pattern of his ears and the shape of his head. She followed the curve of his adam's apple with her mouth. Then she started up the other side of his face. She ran her tongue over his lips, but did not kiss him full on the mouth. Every so often, she would wriggle around to settle more comfortably. When she did it once more, he held her so she couldn't move.

   "You'll have to stop that, Mayan. If you don't, this will be over much too soon for both of us." When he saw she was genuinely puzzled, he continued. "Human males have their genitals on the outside all the time. And if you keep wriggling your adorable bottom against my cock..."

   "Oh!" She looked abashed. "I'd forgotten." She shifted position slightly. "Is that better?" At his nod, she resumed her exploration of his face.

   He tasted saltier than a Minbari male, his skin a slightly thicker texture. And the hair on his brows was softer than the hair on his head. She liked touching his face, but she liked kissing him better. She told him so and then kissed him. Her tongue entwined with his, then pulled away to explore the contours of his mouth. As the kiss deepened, she stroked his hair and neck, while he caressed the top of her head until the pigment darkened. When they stopped, he held her still against him until their breathing slowed to normal.

   She turned her attention to his chest and shoulders next. After tracing the outline of his muscles with her hands, she opened his shirt. He seemed surprised that she had no problems with the complicated fastenings, until she reminded him she was a warrior's daughter with a lifetime of familiarity with similar uniforms. When he tried to undo the clasp of her robe, she slapped his hand away softly.

   "My turn now. Yours will come soon." Then she pushed his shirt off his shoulders, trapping his arms.

   She was surprised at the hair on his body. It covered most of his chest, trailing down past his navel under his trousers. She started to follow the trail with her hand, but he stopped her.

   "It's too soon for that. I want to get a chance to explore you too."

   "I thought you knew all about Minbari females," she said. She smiled widely, but withdrew her hand.

   "Every woman is unique," he responded. "And you more than any other. I've been anticipating this night for too long to spoil it by rushing."

   She nuzzled against him. "So have I," she said.

   The hair on his chest was much softer and curlier. She ran her fingers through it, lightly pulling at individual strands to see how long it was uncurled. Next, she fingered the nipples that poked through the curls. And was delighted when he sucked in his breath. She had found a center of pleasure. Remembering what he did to her, she flicked her thumbs along both nipples. This pleased him too. She smiled and kissed his chest. Then she traced his muscles with her mouth and tongue. When she reached his navel, she gently nibbled while rubbing his belly. His breathing became shallower and faster.

   She returned to his mouth, kissing him fiercely. Her own body was beginning to tingle in response. He held her close with one hand and slipped the other between the folds of her robe to cup a breast. He squeezed gently, then circled the nipple with a circular motion, coming up to, but not touching it. Mayan made a small sound of pleasure. He rubbed harder, then rolled the nipple between his fingers. She arched her back to press further into his hand. She could feel herself opening, the labia engorging and widening. Still kissing him, she tried to push his shirt further down, but couldn't. Reluctantly, she pulled away and climbed off his lap.

   "I think we had better stand now," she said, trying to catch her breath. "I can't remove any more of your clothing in this position."

   "Not yet." He shrugged the shirt off and tossed it aside, kicking off his boots at the same time. "Come here. I need your help now." He raised his hips as she unbuckled and unzipped and pulled his trousers off. "Ah! That's much better." Then he settled her across his lap, her head tucked into the hollow of his shoulder.

   He kissed the top of her head. Then he parted her robe to reveal her breasts. As he fondled first one and then the other, teasing the nipples until they stood erect, she whispered that she had no idea that could feel so good. Minbari did not regard breasts as erotic. He smiled and bent his head. The warmth of his mouth and the roughness of his tongue so stimulated the already sensitive nipple that she cried out. When he checked to see if he was hurting her, she pushed his head back down to her breast. She could feel the heat of him through the thin material of his undershorts and his hardness against the back of her thighs. She tried to position herself over him, to rub against him, but he stopped her. Instead, he pushed aside her robe to caress her buttocks. She was fully open now, the inside of her thighs slick with her own moisture. She was close to the edge; only a little more and she would topple over. She tried to guide his hands.

   Suddenly, he removed his hands and mouth from her body. She whimpered in protest, but he only drew her against his chest. He held her until her heartbeat slowed and she could speak without panting. She could see and feel his arousal lessening.

   "Tell me, Anla'Shok," she said when she finally caught her breath, "Do they teach you torture as part of your training, or does it come naturally to you?" But she smiled as she spoke. She understood that he wanted to prolong their pleasure as long as possible so that their climax would be that more intense when it finally came.

   "You haven't finished exploring," he answered. "You know you hate to leave a task half-completed."

   "It is going to be an interesting night," she said as he set her on her feet. Taking his hand, she led him into the bedroom.

   She removed her robe and tossed it over the footboard of the large double bed. She wore nothing underneath. She stood in front of him, waiting for his response. She knew her body was pleasing to Minbari males, but despite their recent activities, she was not sure if her Ranger thought the same. Was he comparing her to human females? Her breasts were smaller and flatter, she knew, and her hips and shoulders narrower. She did not have to wait long. As his eyes swept over her in obvious pleasure, she could feel her desire for him start to build again. The sensitive tissue of the blue blaze that ran from her navel to the pubic bone began to tingle. She knew the color was darkening as she became more aroused. And his amused smile told her he understood what was happening.

   "Your turn now, Anla'Shok. I want to see what you have beneath those ridiculous short pants you wear under your uniform."

   "They are not ridiculous," he said, lips twitching, trying and failing to look stern as she tugged at his shorts. She struggled as the material caught on his partial erection. He had to help her free them before she could hold the waistband taut enough for him to step out of his shorts.

   She was not surprised to see the nest of dense curly hair that cradled his genitals. She had expected that after seeing how hairy he was. She wondered idly if all human males had as much hair. She also expected the absence of the protective sheath common to Minbari males. She was surprised only by the shape and color. Minbari phalluses were short and broad, with a pyramid shaped head the same blue as the pigment on the head and belly. Not long and red, with a mushroom shaped head. How would it ever fit into her?

   When she straightened up to get a good look at his totally naked body, she was still so close that the tip of her crest grazed the sac of his testicles. He yelped!

   "Careful! You don't want to geld me, do you?"

   "Minbari testicles stay inside, where they belong!" She shook her head. "I'm sorry. Does it hurt very much? Can I do anything?"

   "You can kiss it and make it better." He smiled to show he was joking, but she took him at his word.

   She knelt before him. Gently cupping her hands around his balls, she kissed and licked the irritated area. Her saliva was soothing, but her caresses were not. She could feel him swelling and hardening again.

   "Um, Mayan, honey, um...you do know that human males need some time to recharge in between?"

   She was amused at his embarrassment. Did he think Minbari males did not? But she hid her smile. "Oh, does that mean you want me to stop?" She laughed at the mixture of desire and frustration on his face.

   "You are enjoying this entirely too much," he said indignantly. "And you don't fool me. You know exactly what you are doing and what you are doing to me."

   She smiled. "Then let me get on with it."

   She combed through the tangles of his pubic hair with her fingers, lightly raking his shaft with her nails. She massaged him, gently at first, until he was erect again. Then she stroked down his length from underneath, while she kissed and licked the upper surface. He idly stroked her head and crest. When she took him into her mouth, he gripped her shoulders and whispered her name. She sucked vigorously, swirling her tongue around the head and into the opening. Where her mouth could not reach, she rubbed with her hands. He called out to her again, gasping and panting. His grip on her tightened. She would find bruises on her shoulders in the morning, but now she felt no pain. She was almost as aroused as he. She finally released him when she could feel a few drops of moisture dripping from the head of his phallus. Still kneeling, she wiped up the clear moisture with her fingers and tasted it. It was sweeter than she expected. Before she could tell him so, he lifted her off the floor. He kissed her once, hard and fierce, and carried her to the bed.

   He laid her on her stomach. Kneeling by the side of the bed, he slipped one hand underneath to rub her belly. With the other he caressed her head. He followed the line of her spine with his mouth, kissing and licking. He lightly slapped her firm buttocks before kissing each cheek. Then he turned her on her back. He ran his hand along the darkening blaze of her belly. He followed the blue-black trail to her pubic mound, but stopped short of her slit. With his other hand, he rubbed the sensitive skin of her upper thighs. She was fully open for him. He could feel her beginning to throb.

   "If you stop now, Anla'Shok," she gasped between small cries, "I shall kill you."

   "I thought you were no longer warrior class." Before she could respond, his mouth was on her, tongue tracing the pattern of her labia. As he sucked on the clitoral nub, she tangled her fingers in his hair. He brought her to the edge. This time she tumbled over, her cries merging into one long note of release. He continued to suck and nibble until the throbbing lessened. Then he climbed into the bed to lay beside her, holding her as she recovered.

   "That was nice," she said, slurring her words a little. "But next time, let's do it together." She flicked her tongue across his nipples. "I think it's next time now, hmm?"

   He kissed her in agreement. His hands roamed over her, quickening her desire again, while she teased and stroked his erection. They kissed fiercely, teeth bruising lips, while she raked his back with her nails. He rolled so that he could spoon himself against her back. He brought one arm around underneath her to fondle her breasts. He placed the palm of the other hand on the base of her belly, pressing hard against her. She was so wet, he had no difficulty slipping first one finger and then another into her. She could feel him against her, his balls rubbing against her ass, while the head of his cock rubbed between her thighs. She was reaching down to him when his fingers found the ridges that circled the walls of her vagina. She gasped, digging her nails into his arms. She tried to turn toward him, but he pressed her back against him.

   "Mayan, I know you're small." His voice was rough, the words indistinct. "I'm afraid I'll hurt you if I enter you. We can pleasure each other in this position, if you want."

   "No." She was adamant. "I want you inside me. I want to feel you fill me." She paused. Then she whispered, more to herself than to him, "I have been alone and empty for too long."

   He rolled onto his back, turning her in his arms. He kissed her, then sat her astride his thighs. She looked at his engorged penis and then down at herself. She grinned broadly.

   The angle of the bed aimed his erection directly at her vagina! She grasped him firmly with one hand. She rubbed the head against herself, but made no move to take him inside. He moaned and placed his hands on her thighs.

   "Mayan, I don't know how much longer I can hold on...."

   "What happened to that famous Ranger discipline? Or doesn't your training cover the subject?"

   He squeezed her thighs. "Mayan...," he warned.

   She smiled. She spread herself further with her hand. As she inserted the head into her, he sighed.

   "Hold still," she admonished. "Let me do it."

   Slowly, slowly, she took more of him into her, a few centimeters at a time. He was a tight fit, but she was so wet it was not uncomfortable. He tried to hold still, but every time her inner muscles contracted around him, to pull him further into her, his throbbing increased. She moaned and tried to control her own excitement with little success. Finally, she gave a small cry of triumph. He was almost fully in her: less than the width of two fingers remained outside.

   He was hot and hard against her vaginal walls. Slowly at first, then faster, she rode him, pulling back and coming forward, each stroke stronger and harder. She reached forward to caress his testicles. His moans grew louder. He thrust into her. She gave a small squeal of pleasure at the extra friction against her internal ridges. She was close now; so was he. She could feel him pulsing continuously as she spasmed around him. She met him thrust for thrust, cry for cry. He grabbed her buttocks while she dug into his thighs. He came calling her name, filling her completely with his sweet, hot cream.

   His release triggered her own. She shook uncontrollably as wave after wave rippled through her, each stronger than the one before. She shouted out in triumph and exultation as the waves merged into one continuous tide of intense pleasure. She rode the crest and started the descent when suddenly a fresh rippling began. He was still hard inside her and now he was rubbing the dark patch just above her pubic bone. Once more the waves merged and she climaxed again. Finally he pulled out of her and she collapsed onto his chest, exhausted and breathless. She kissed his chest and his arms tightened around her.

   "My own sweet Anla'Shok," she murmured just before she fell asleep.

   Mayan awoke a little before dawn. For the first time in a long while, she was not in the middle of the bed. She was disoriented and confused until she registered the reassuring warmth and bulk of the Ranger beside her. She was tucked up against him, her head in the crook of his shoulder. The last thing she remembered was collapsing on top of him. He had made them both comfortable for sleep without waking her. She shifted position slightly, careful not to wake him.

   The flickering flame of the first night candle caught her eye. It was almost burned down now. Only a few centimeters remained. Kendrick gave her the candle after their transport had cleared customs. Surprised, she told him it was not necessary. He was not Minbari. She didn't expect or need it. At his insistence, they lit the candle during dinner. He said he wanted to acknowledge the start of their time together with the customary rituals, to show he wanted more than a night of lovemaking. He wasn't interested, he said, in a - how did he put it? - in a one night stand.

   But what did she want? She did not love the man lying beside her; at least not a forever sort of love. Nor did he love her in that way. They were friends, fond of each other with a strong sexual attraction. When the attraction wore off, which it would, they would still be friends. He was a sensitive and talented lover, passionate and considerate. This night was only a promise of future delight. They had only begun to explore each other. As they learned each other's bodies, their pleasure would increase. The thought brought a shiver of anticipation.

   He had a reputation, Delenn had warned her. What of it? Mayan grinned suddenly. She had a reputation too. They were an odd couple, the Minbari poet and the human Ranger, but they were oddly suited to each other. It would not last forever, she knew. It probably wouldn't even last a full cycle. But it would do, for now. She snuggled closer. His arm tightened around her.

   And now was all she wanted.





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