By Frieda W. Landau





   This is my very first bit of fanfic. In fact, it's my first fiction. The following story (scene, really) makes certain assumptions which are obvious. It contains a brief, non-explicit sex scene.

   It was inspired by some comments on the J&D Forum about what Delenn was wearing in John's quarters during Shadow Dancing.

   Anyway, here it is.

   (This scene takes place approximately one year after the deaths of Londo and G'Kar at each other's hands. Certain assumptions have been made based upon the spoilers on Becky's Spoiler Page for the last four episodes of season four.)






Delenn was restless. Softly, quietly, so as not to disturb her sleeping husband, she left the bed. Wrapping herself in the old, blue bathrobe, she settled into the overstuffed armchair in the corner. Funny about this old robe. Even Lennier teased her about still wearing it: "Surely, the wife of the President of the League Alliance can afford to buy something more suitable to wear when the Representative from Minbar comes for breakfast." But, of course he was joking, wasn't he?

   Dear Lennier! He and David had grown close since the two had gone into hiding last year during the Centauri crisis. Even so, it was kind of Lennier to take David exploring on Minbar during the school holiday. Sometimes it was not easy - even for a mother - to cope with a mostly human thirteen year old boy. But David hero-worshiped Lennier, so perhaps everything would be all right. Of course everything would be all right! Her maternal instincts were over reacting, that's all! And with David away from Babylon Five, she and John would have two glorious weeks together - if no crises occurred within the League! She really must stop looking at the gloomy side. Now with Emperor Vir firmly on the throne and Centauri Prime well on the road to recovery, there were no major problems on the horizon.

   She started as an especially loud snort broke into her thoughts, then settled back as John resumed his soft, rhythmic snoring. She had long ago grown so accustomed to his night noises that when they were apart she had trouble falling asleep in the quiet. Perhaps she should find that recording David made a few years ago when his father indignantly denied he snored. She remembered trying to make David understand that his father wasn't lying, just very sensitive about the snoring. But the logic of an eight year old can be remorseless. Just thinking about it now made her giggle. The look on John's face when he heard himself! And the way he tried to explain it away by blaming the equipment. As if anything developed for use by the Rangers would be faulty!

   She snuggled deeper into the chair, adjusting the frayed, threadbare collar of the robe around her neck. No, she would never give it up. She glanced at her sleeping husband and smiled to herself, thinking of the first time she wore the blue robe. It was during the second night of the Watching Ritual. Still in high spirits over their first significant victory against a Shadow fleet, John refused to settle down. She had tried to explain the seriousness of the ritual, the solemnity, but it was no use. He continued to joke and tease. And then she made the mistake of laughing at his night attire. She couldn't help herself. She was so surprised. No one had told her human males were so hairy! When she finally regained control of herself, John said it wasn't fair. He demanded to see her in Minbari pajamas. After he told her what pajamas were, she tried to explain that Minbari slept in simple robes not much different from ordinary attire. In fact, very much like that blue robe on the back of the chair. But John wouldn't go to bed until she gave in and put on the robe. When she finally emerged from the bathroom, hem dragging and sleeves dangling, it was John's turn to laugh. No matter what she did, the sleeves wouldn't stay rolled up. By the time her hair tangled in the collar and she let loose a string of colorful oaths in all three Minbari tongues, they were both laughing and teasing. Then she tripped on the hem of the robe. John caught her in his arms.

   Suddenly, they weren't laughing anymore. Her breath caught in her throat as she became aware of his nearness, of his nearly naked body. He became aware of her in the same moment. Awkwardly, he released her and tried to step away, only to trip himself. Without thinking, she grabbed for him.

   This time, neither one let go. He whispered, "are you always there to catch me, Delenn?" Her "yes" was also the answer to the unspoken question in his eyes. They made love for the first time that night.

   Neither knew quite what to expect. At first, they explored each other hesitantly, tentatively, afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing. As they became more comfortable with each other, their hands and mouths roamed more freely. His fingers were just beginning to open her when he suddenly jerked his hand away as though he had been bitten. Surprised and dismayed, wondering what she had done wrong, she started to ask him when he stuttered "you..your..I mean, you''re a virgin!" The look on his face was so comical she laughed out loud. "Of course! What else did you expect? I haven't had this body long enough to take any other human lovers. You're my very first one." He laughed then, and returned to his ministrations.

   Afterward, while she watched as he slept, she thought of their lovemaking.

   It had seemed both strange and familiar. As if they were lovers reuniting after a very long absence. She gazed fondly at him, thinking they were old souls indeed. The night was drawing to an end when she picked up the snowdome in the outer room. She turned it upside down, as John had shown her, when....No! She wouldn't think about what happened next, or the terrible time before he returned to her beyond hope.

   A sudden chill, and she pulled the robe closer around her. She would think of something joyful instead. Like the time David was born. Funny, she'd been wearing the robe then too. She sensed a familiar movement and looked toward the foot of the bed. Yes, John had kicked off the covers as usual. That's why she had taken to wearing the robe to bed during the last weeks of her pregnancy. She couldn't pull the covers back up by herself without waking John. The night the pains started, he wouldn't give her time to put on proper clothing before he rushed her to medlab.

   Her labor had been long and arduous. She didn't remember much, just brief snatches. The pain, of course, and John's hands clasping hers every time she moaned. And refusing all offers of medication for fear of harming the child. Stephen had told her there was no danger, but she didn't want to take any chances. And then she lay there, sweaty and exhausted, as Stephen placed David in her arms. He was so tiny, but so perfectly formed, the soft baby cartilage of his crestbone just pushing through the hair so like his father's. She remembered how relieved she felt and how happy. She had told no one, not even John, of her secret fears that the joining of Minbari and Human genes would produce some deformity, some catastrophic flaw. But everything was fine. She motioned for John to take the baby as she finally accepted the pain medication. Next time, if there was a next time, she would listen to her doctor. But when she saw her husband hold his son for the first time, she knew that all she had endured was worth it. She would never forget how carefully and tenderly he held the small body in his large hands. Or his eyes shining with tears of joy and pride.

   She rose from the chair, being careful not to trip over the hem of the robe. She really should have shortened it long ago. Standing at the foot of the bed, she studied the sprawled body of her husband. The years had thickened his waist and his thinning hair was entirely grey now. But then the years had wrought changes in her too. Her breasts were no longer as firm, and her own hair was liberally streaked. But John had been right all those years ago. It had been a good run, for both of them. And soon, in just two short years, it would end. She still loved him so much. How would she live without him? But she would have to, for David's sake. John had made her promise. He was right, of course. It wouldn't be fair to their son to lose both his parents. But it would be hard, all the same.

   Suddenly she became aware that her husband's eyes had been open for some time. He smiled at her and held out his arms. She stepped out of the robe. It fell to the floor as she hurried into his embrace.





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