By Jeanne




This was started as a Valentine letter for the J & D Forum. It got out of hand and was too long to post. It has ended up a short scene or story.

   Dedicated to: Cecelia






Delenn had decided to work in John's quarters late that afternoon. Glad to be surrounded by John's things if she could not be alone with him. She left a message telling him she was there. Also, that she would take care of dinner that night. She stopped at the Zocalo Market on her way to pick up fresh vegetables and fruit. Her work was laid down on the table as she went to make a cup of tea.

   When it was ready she walked around the apartment, cup in hand, looking at the different pictures hanging on the walls, picking up small objects she had never been able to see closely. They had started to discuss what she would bring when they moved in together, but never finished the conversation. As she walked though the bedroom she noticed a package wrapped in red lying on the bed. There was a letter on top addressed to her not yet put in the envelope.

   She sat down on the bed and started to read. A soft smile crept across her mouth. It was titled:



   It is a custom on earth to celebrate a day for lovers. Today is that day.

   Gifts are given, flowers, candy, perfume, lingerie. This is how I would like to spend my first Valentine's Day with you.

   Tonight I would walk through the door to my quarters and find you waiting for me standing in the soft light, wearing my gift.

   I cross the room, take you in my arms and softly, gently kiss you on the lips.

   One hand tangled in your silky hair. The other holding you close. You look up at me with those incredible green eyes and touch my face with your hand saying, "Come, I have prepared a light supper for us." We sit down to eat.

   The table having fresh flowers, lit candles, and soft music playing in the background..

   The food is already on the plates. Conversation will be light and personal.

   Nothing about work, the rangers or the war. Childhood stories, family memories, the first time I saw you, when my feelings changed, all the little important things I have never told you. Your smile touching me in places your hand could never reach; eyes a magnet drawing me ever closer to you; voice, hypnotic, making me forget that there is anything in the universe except you, now, at this moment.

   After we finish eating you get up, move away from the table, untie the sash on the robe and let it slip to the floor. Standing now only in a revealing gown, clinging in all the right places. With the light at your back I am able to see your silhouette through the gown. The darker skin of your nipples through the white lace.

   You step closer and start to unfasten the clasps on my uniform shirt. Brushing away my hands when I reach to help. You slide the shirt off my shoulders and down my arms. Throwing it to join the robe on the floor. You kneel down to take off my boots and socks. Then standing, pull me up into your arms. Your mouth on mine. Not ready to relinquish the lead. Your tongue starts to trace my lips and with a sigh my mouth opens to yours.

   Tongues gently touch, start to explore. My hand again tangles in your hair.

   Mind and body unwilling just to follow. Needing to initiate pleasure, not just to receive. But you are not ready for that yet.

   Instead, hands start to caress my bare chest. I begin to pull you close to me but you resist. Keeping your distance. Your feather light touch slowly moving downward. Your eyes following the movement to see the reaction of my body to your touch. When they reach the waistband of my pants you unzip without hesitation and quickly push them past my hips and me back down onto the chair. Pulling them off to join the shirt and robe.

   Naked and visibly aroused I pull you to me. My hands lightly moving across your back and arms. Caressing your bare soft skin. Kissing your neck.

   Burying my face in your hair. Breathing in your scent.

   You step away from me. Standing apart. Hands reach up to untie first one strap and then the other. With a rustling sound the gown falls to the floor.

   My desire becomes stronger as you body seems to glow in the soft light. I step forward, pick you up in my arms and carry you into the bedroom.

   The sheets are cool as I climb into bed next to you. Bodies and mouths press together. Holding you tight. I move to kiss your ear and trace the outer edge with my tongue. You do the same to mine, then run your hands through my hair.

   My hands move to cup you breasts as I begin to trail kisses down your neck.

   Enjoying the taste of your skin, lips moving slowly to join my hands.

   Lingering at the places where your sighs tell me give you pleasure.

   Your skin is so soft. My fingers caressing your breast until they reach the aureole. The texture of the skin changes, feeling like velvet. Mouth replaces the fingers that have been teasing your erect nipple. Tongue circling slowly until it reaches the tip and then starts gently pulling and biting. As I suckle your back arches and I hear deeper, longer sighs of pleasure.

   As I move to your other breast my hand lightly touches your abdomen. Fingers going in a wide circle. Down to one thigh over to the other and back up again. Circles becoming smaller and smaller. Your sighs becoming more frequent. I kiss your mouth as you raise your knees. My hand caressing your inner thighs, slowly moving through pubic hair, than lower still. Again mouth replaces hand. Tongue moving to your clitoris. Teasing, pulling and sucking until your pelvis starts stirring. Your sighs turn to moans and I become hotter, harder.

   You whisper, "John.... John..... I want you.... need you..... in me, now."

   Exciting me even more.

   I bring my body over you. Press against you, but it is not enough. Your hand reaches for my erect penis and guides it to you. You are wet, wide, ready for me. I slip in easily. Kissing you, I begin to slowly move inside.

   You wrap your legs around me; wanting me even deeper. Arms circle my neck.

   Your breathing becomes quick and shallow, hips moving against me. Eyes, filled with desire. There is no other universe but ours, here and now.

   Trusting becomes harder, faster, deeper. I watch your face as you body begins to................


   His letter was unfinished. As if interrupted before he could complete his thoughts. Delenn put the letter down and opened the package. It was a soft, silky floor length nightgown. Bodice made of white lace. Thin straps that were tied in a bow. The rest of the gown is a pale peach and very thin.

   Almost see through but not quite. There was a robe to go over the gown. The same color, long sleeves and a sash to tie it. She brought it up to her cheek, feeling the softness. She looked at the time and got up from the bed.


   John had received Delenn's message earlier in the day. She would be waiting in his quarters when he finished with dinner waiting. He was grateful for that. No stopping in the Zocalo for something to eat. He tried to leave early but it was close to eight o'clock before he was able to send a message that he was on his way. It had been a long day. He was looking forward to some quiet time with her. The Com Center would definitely be put on messages only. The door on privacy lock. There would be no interruptions that night.

   The door to his quarters opened. He stepped inside and took a quick breath.

   Delenn was standing in the soft light wearing a robe that he had not yet been able to give her. She looked beautiful to him as she moved closer, the gown clinging to her body. Delenn stepped into his embrace and kissed him softly on the lips. His one hand holding her close. The other sliding up her back to tangle in her silky hair. She leaned back to look at him. Touched his face with the backs of her fingers and gently slid them from chin to ear. In a low pitched voice she said softly, "Come, I have prepared a light supper for us."






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