By Jeanne




   This is, in its own way, is a companion piece to "Turning Points."

   It was started for my own enjoyment and then sent to keep certain members of the Gutter Club quiet. I didn't stop to think that, not only members of the Gutter Club, but Babylon 5 fans in general never keep quiet.

   A warning to those people who avoid erotica, do not go any further.

   Many thanks to my Beta readers, Adrina, Tish and Karen for the their time and comments.

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John entered his quarters and went straight to the bedroom. Kicking off his shoes and trying to calm his mind as he got ready for bed. His thoughts were still with Delenn, for Delenn, about Delenn. He must put aside all that happened tonight and get some rest. He too needed to look at things in the morning. To see how their relationship had changed, how she was going to react to him now and what steps he felt comfortable taking. He still had not fully accepted Anna's death and was not sure what kind of emotional conflicts he would encounter when facing his feelings for Delenn.

   Delenn ....... his mind went back to the way she looked coming out of the bedroom, moving with a ballet-like grace, pale blue robe almost molded to her body. He had no idea what material it was made of but it left little to his imagination and his imagination about her had been extremely active of late. He clearly remembered that she wore nothing underneath. He had been able see the exact shape of her breasts, the erect nipples, the curl in her pubic hair, the contour of her legs. Holding her on the sofa the heat from her body made him very aware of how little she was wearing. When she turned into him, the view of her bare breasts was unobstructed.

   The same sexual tension was building inside again. He had to stop thinking of this.

   He remembered how she looked sleeping on the slanted bed, peaceful and serene. He also remembered that the robe had parted when she moved leaving her legs uncovered. He mentally kicked himself and forced his mind to stop thinking. He would never get any sleep, or if he did it would be to dream of making love with Delenn and he would wake up very frustrated and tired.

   The Ambassador from Minbar was sleeping peacefully and the Commander of Babylon 5 should be as well.

   The normal going to bed routines, putting clothes away, brushing teeth, washing face, helped clear his mind and get ready for sleep. He came out of the bathroom, looked around to see that everything had been put away, and decided to leave the Do Not Disturb order in C & C. He slipped into bed and felt the coolness of the sheets on his bare skin, told the computer "night lights," and attempted not to dwell on the picture of Delenn in his mind. He turned over and tried to go to sleep.

   That picture of Delenn coming out of the bedroom kept seeping into his mind's eye, and no matter what he did to push it out it always returned, more vivid than the time before. He tossed and turned almost to the point of getting up. This was *not* going to be a good night. Suddenly he remembered that he hadn't felt like this since before Anna died. There had been sexual tension and frustration since, but never an emotional or sexual desire for one woman. He had mixed emotions about this and was not willing to look at it now. The thought of Anna dampened the sexual desire and brought back the pain. He was exhausted and didn't want to think about or feel anything right now.

   A memory from childhood crept into his mind, a picture of his mother and one of her stories. He grinned and put himself in "The Arms of Morpheous," turned on his stomach, put the pillow over his head and went to sleep.


   He was startled awake, not quite knowing why. He had been sleeping so soundly. Then he heard the door chime and knew that was the sound that had woken him. He called, "Who is it?" and heard Delenn's voice calling his name. She sounded panicked. He gave the command to open the door as he quickly got out of bed. Grabbing a robe at the same time told the computer "lights on," squinting at the brightness. In his hurry he didn't notice that his robe was not fully closed.

   She was already in the living area, pacing, panic on her tear streaked face, and her hair disheveled. She was barefoot, her robe, that same robe, was open from her throat to the swell of her breasts. He had never seen her look anything other than perfectly groomed and attired. He knew immediately something was very wrong.

   "Delenn, Delenn," he said quickly when he came to the bedroom doorway, "What is the matter?"

   She stopped pacing, looked at him, hesitated, backed away and said, "I don't belong here." She turned to leave. "I should not have disturbed you." Her face reflected not only panic, but confusion as well.

   He quickly crossed to the door and took her arm to keep her from leaving.

   "Delenn, what is wrong?" he questioned.

   She put her hand on the back of her neck and ran fingertips through her hair. Her face froze when she touched the bonecrest. "I don't belong anywhere," she said and started to pull away, very agitated.

   He immediately, emphatically said, "You belong here, Delenn. What has upset you so greatly to bring you here at this time of night dressed like this?" He held onto her arm tighter. "Please let me help." He put his free hand gently on the back of her head by the bonecrest and sliding it down the silky hair to her neck. "Please tell me," he said tenderly.

   She turned back to him, saw the worry, the concern on his face and all her fear and pain came tumbling out. "I woke up crying.....I thought........ ," her distress was evident, "I dreamed you were dead." She reached out her hand. "I had to make sure, to touch you." She was still caught up in the feeling of the dream. "It all seemed so real." She touched his bare chest. "I was back with the Markab and you were with me." Her voice was breaking. "You caught the disease and died in my arms." She continued her body shaking. "When I woke up I didn't know if it was a dream or real." Her eyes were lost in the remembering. "I had to know and ran here not thinking --- should have called." She was confused and a little embarrassed. "I'm sorry to have disturbed you." She turned to leave and stumbled as she moved to the door.

   He grabbed her and the robe opened more, completely exposing one breast. He held her at arms length, looking at her face, trying to let her see as well as hear that it was all right. "Delenn, you can never disturb me. I can't let you leave when you are this upset."

   John understood her panic, he had felt that way the first time he had woken after Anna had died, wanting to believe it was just a nightmare. The reassurance that he wanted in the past, but reality denied, he gave her now, "Delenn, I am alive. Touch me......." The only thing that would give comfort was being able to feel warm, breathing flesh, his flesh.

   She felt his fingers pressing into her arms, saw the look on his face, heard the tone of his voice and melted into his arms not needing another invitation. With his breath in her hair and his arms holding her so tightly she could barely breathe, she could think of no better place to be, no place else she wanted to be. She turned into him, slid her arms around his neck and tucked her forehead under his chin. As she moved her robe opened more and she could feel his fine chest hair on her bare skin. She pressed closer to savor the warmth of his skin on hers, to feel his heart beating.

   There was an immediate change in his body temperature when he felt her bare breasts, like an ember waiting to burst into flame. This was not the time to get physical, not the time to take advantage of her confusion and fear. He instantly let go of her and stepped away.

   He looked at her body, her robe by now had opened all the way. She did not make any move to close it or turn from his gaze. His eyes drank in the creamy skin, the swell of her breasts with the darker aureole, erect nipples, her flat stomach and moving down to pubic hair. The sexual tension that had started earlier this evening in her quarters was growing again, this time faster than he could control it.

   As his devoured her body with his eyes she began to get quickly aroused. She was filled with an urgent need for him, something she had never felt before. Her body seemed to be pulsing almost throbbing. Her mouth parted, her breasts began to rise and fall quickly with each breath she took.

   He forced his eyes back up to her face, seeing that her breathing had quickened and her mouth had parted. John's physical reaction to this was immediate, hot and hard. He had to get himself under control. He wanted her, there was no denying that but not this way, not like animals in the night, bringing physical release only without the emotion to go with it.

   She stepped back and started to slip the robe from her shoulders, he hastily put his hands on hers, pulled up the robe and held it in place. Forcing himself to put out the fire inside, trying desperately to put out the fire inside.

   She looked down at the floor and said softly, "This body displeases you?"

   "No, Delenn, no. The opposite, your body, *you* please me more than you know." His voice rigid with control, the veins standing out on his neck. "It's just............. You have been through an extremely difficult time."

   Delenn could feel the mental strength with which he was commanding himself.

   "I do not want this to turn into something that you or I will regret in the morning." He was having difficulty suppressing his desire for her. "I don't want to be used as a diversion or a tool to forgetfulness." His muscles were flexed tight, he was using all of his willpower to keep from crushing her is his arms. "You don't need this to prove that I'm alive." His voice was strained.

   His tone and body language told her everything she needed to know. He wanted her badly and wanted her now. That he was capable of controlling his desire meant more than anything he could have said to her. That she knew with her mind as well as her body that this was truly what she wanted to do was important to him. He was giving her a chance to rethink her decision to change her mind. This thoughtfulness and consideration in the face of his desire made her want him more, made her determined to make love with him now.

   "John -- I want you," her voice pitched very low. "I have seen almost 5,000 Markab die in the past few days," she placed her hands on his. "I won't deny forgetfulness would be welcome." Her hands moved to his chest. "I would not have come running here after my dream, dressed as I am -- if I did not want you. I was terrified you were lost to me."

   He allowed himself to become lost in her eyes. Not listening to anything but the sound of her voice, feeling her light touch on his chest. Knowing at this point he should back away but making no move to stop her. He wanted her, but needed her assurance she desired him with her mind as well as her body.

   "I want you," she repeated, her voice wrapping around his mind, her hands sliding lower on his chest barely touching yet creating sensations he wanted to continue. Delenn's eyes never left his face. He watched them as they changed color, having a vague impression this was a way to tell when a Minbari was sexually aroused. He felt those beautiful eyes were also looking inside of him seeing things about himself that he didn't know.

   He put his hand on the small of her back and pulled her to him. He placed his free hand on her cheek, the back of his fingers gently running from her chin to ear, caressing it's outer edge, then moving on to her crest lightly touching it from forehead to the tip and back down to her chin. He put his cheek close to hers, barely touching then turned his head so that his ear was resting lightly on her cheek. When he turned back, he gently blew in her ear.

   Her breathing quickened and her eyes turned a deeper green as he pressed her body closer to him. "Delenn, if you want me to stop tell me now, there is a very good possibility I will not be able to soon." He was at the edge about to go over the brink.

   In the same soft seductive voice she repeated, "John -- I want you." Her eyes now the color of grass and that was all he needed.

   "Delenn, you have invaded my dreams from the very first time we met." He slowly lowered his head. "I have thought about being with you," lightly kissing her lips. "About making love with you, to you," kissing her again and whispering in her ear. "I have thought about it more often than I would care to admit." He gently nibbled on her ear. "No one has ever aroused me this quickly with so little effort." He was still suppressing his full desire for her, fighting to remain in control.

   His words were fanning her desire and she was beginning to lose herself in the sensations he was creating. His hand pressing her close, she could feel his erection through his robe, the soft touch of his lips, and his breath in her ear.

   She pressed closer to him, her hands running through his soft hair. He moved to kiss her again. His mouth at first gentle, small short kisses, changing the position of his head and lips with each kiss. She did not want him to stop. The kisses became longer and got increasingly demanding, making her respond to him in a way she never imagined.

   The harder he kissed her the better she liked it, the more she wanted. His hands touching every part of her body they could reach. Not soft and gentle as he had been when she first came in, they were firm and possessive. A sense of urgency was conveyed in his touch. She was getting warm, very, very, warm. She felt a physical craving deep inside that only he would be able to satisfy, her whole body began to tremble and she began to understand the definition of passion.

   He stepped back and slid the robe off her shoulders watching it slide down her body and pool at her feet. He hesitated before looking at her naked body. Trying to recognize the feeling inside of him. It was almost familiar, as if it had been inside before and was finding old paths along which to grow new roots.

   He reached forward to push the long silky hair behind her shoulders and stepped back. She stood not shrinking from his gaze. She was lovely, perfectly proportioned. His hands itched to touch her creamy skin, but first he wanted to look at her. Imagining what it would be like to be in her, tantalizing himself.

   He felt himself getting harder, the ember of desire within turning to flame. It was time to take this to the next level. He untied the sash and took off his robe.

   He stood naked before her, unconscious of his male beauty. His tense muscles standing out, rippling with the restraint he was exerting over himself. He reminded her of a tiger, controlled strength and a single minded purpose, ready to spring after its prey.

   She was his focus, the reason for the hunger that was burning in his eyes. He had almost fully yielded to his desire. Delenn added to that hunger. "John, I want you to touch me," Then verbally stroked the desire. "Touch me in places I have never been touched before." She could see what these words did to him. His eyes blazed as if more fuel had just been added to the fire. She stoked it higher, "I want to feel all of you," and she knew from his reaction there would be no stopping now.

   She had aroused him to the point of no return, her voice ignited a fire within him and set his body burning with desire aching for release. He would now show her what it was meant to have a human body. It was his turn to ignite the fire within her. He wanted her on the edge of begging before entering her and screaming while she climaxed. His hands reached to touch her throat and lightly meander down her body stopping in places he knew would create pleasure.

   He kissed her again mentally planning this lesson, to make it the most pleasurable she ever received. He guessed from her words she had never been with a Minbari male and confirmed his suspicions that she had not been with a human male either. This thought pleased him. He would be the first to enter her and to bring her to her first orgasm. Underneath there was another thought forming; that he would be the only male she would ever be with, this pleased him even more. He did not want this to be over quickly. He wanted to savor every second, every move, every sensation.

   He began to trace her lips with his tongue. She was startled and he felt her body begin to tense, then she relaxed and opened her mouth to his welcoming the sensual feelings it created. He slowly traced the inside of her lips with his tongue touching her teeth and moving to open her mouth further, exploring, tasting, encouraging her to explore and to taste him.

   She thought she knew what to expect from this body during love making. Thought she was familiar with her new emotions. He was showing her that she had barely started to learn about herself. She leaned into him ready and willing to experience more.

   He moved to her ear, whispering her name. His hands tangling in the long hair on her back. She tilted her head back as he gently began to pull on her hair and kiss and nibble on her throat. Slowly making his way to the swell of her breast. He freed one hand from her hair and with his fingertips caressed the soft skin on her back and side as he moved to cup her breast. He continued moving both hand and mouth ever so slowly to her nipples.

   She was lost to everything, her mind and body feeling only his touch. Her breasts were aching, she wanted him to be everywhere on her body at once and tried to turn into his hand and mouth at the same time.

   He felt her turn and brought his lips up to hers, kissing her ear and murmuring, "Don't be in such a hurry."

   She heard a sob come from her throat as she said, "John, please," and pleaded, "Touch me."

   He realized he was moving too slowly and more importantly that he did not want her to beg. He wanted her to remember every moment, every sensation with pleasure. It was time to move a little more quickly, to be more aware of her reactions than of his plan of action.

   "Yes, Delenn," and she felt his fingers begin to play with her erect nipple and barely heard him say, "Do you like that?" She sighed into his mouth. "Let's see about this." He turned his attention to her ear, and down her throat. His hand moved to the other nipple and she sighed again and pressed closer against him.

   "I'll think you'll like this too," he said as he bent to encircled her nipple with his mouth, pulled then started to gently bite and suckle. He heard the sharp intake of her breath. She felt so good in his mouth, in his arms, her skin was so soft. She made a little whimpering sound when he let go to search for the other nipple, pulled and suckled when his mouth reached it, enjoying every sound that she made, the taste of her skin.

   She did not want him to stop yet wanted something more. She gave a little cry of disappointment when he let go of her breast as he returned to kiss her neck. "There's more," he whispered in her ear, "Even more pleasurable," as he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.

    He laid her down on the bed and got in beside her. She reached up to pull his head to her. "I want you Delenn," he said so softly she could hardly hear. "I want to be inside you, but first...........," his voice trailed off as he propped his head up on one hand and with the other began touching her everywhere, running his hand over her body, making her shiver. He was watching her body's reaction to his touch, memorizing the sensitive areas.

   "John," she was almost crying.

   He smiled into her eyes and bent to kiss her, his hand making small circles on her abdomen. She was trying to pull him closer.

    He kissed her deeply making her respond in the same way. Her arms wound around his neck as she opened her mouth, wanting all of him. She put her foot flat on the bed and slid it back toward her, knee bent.

   His hand moved to her pubic hair and felt her body jerk, she was so sensitive to his touch. He began to trail kisses down her body, stopping in all the places he knew brought her pleasure, changing his position as he moved lower, kissing and sucking on her abdomen while his fingers found the moisture her body was secreting.

   He slid his fingers into the crease and found her clitoris. "Have you been touched here, Delenn?". She was unable to answer him, though there were inarticulate sounds coming from the back of her throat. He again changed position to be between her legs and began kissing the soft skin of the inside of her thighs, fingers still teasing.

   He repeated, "Have you been touched like this?" as he placed his mouth in her pubic hair and his tongue replaced his fingers. She made a sound that was a sigh, whimper and moan all at the same time, it was extremely erotic, and slid her other foot up on the bed, wanting more of the exquisite pleasure he was giving her.

   Delenn repeated that exotic, erotic sound and hearing her pleasure excited him fiercely, his tongue going faster, teasing, playing, as he began to suckle and she repeated the sound once more, deeper and more musical than before. He moved to her mouth, letting her taste herself on his lips and tongue. His fingers circling the opening to her vagina and slowly inserting one finger. She lifted her hips to press into his hand. "Have you been touched here, Delenn?"

   She opened her eyes, now the color of an Evergreen Tree on Earth, to look at him, "No I have never been touched anywhere you have touched me tonight." Her statement was nearly inaudible, she was breathing heavily, barely able to speak, moving her hips in rhythm with his finger. It was important to her that John knew this. "I want you in me, John, no one has ever been inside me." Her eyes getting even darker.

   "Soon, Delenn, soon." He wanted to make sure she was ready for him and inserted a second finger to stretch her. She moaned and dug her fingernails into his neck as he positioned himself on top of her, he guided the tip of his penis to her opening. She was so wet, he was straining to keep in control, not wanting to push into her without consideration or thought. Her words made him very conscious that this was her first time and she would feel pain as well as pleasure. The head of his penis slipped in her and he began rocking slowly not to penetrate fully until he knew she was ready. She was so tight and felt so good. Each time he rocked forward she accepted him a little further into her body until he came to a barrier within her and stopped. She cried out, "No, no, don't stop."

   This was a first for him, never before had he been with a woman who had not been active sexually. "Delenn, this will hurt, are you sure you want to give your virginity to me? I can bring you to a climax without fully entering you." It pained him to ask this but it had to be stated, there was another path that could be taken, another choice, another decision to be made. There was no hesitation on her part, "Yes, I want you, I want you now," there was no doubt in her voice.

   He hesitated at first and then started rocking, exciting her again, put his mouth by her ear as he thrust forward quickly, forcefully, to break her hymen, said clearly and loudly so she would never doubt that she heard correctly, "I love you, Delenn." She felt the pain of the breaking and the joy of the words of love at the same time. He watched the tears form in her eyes, deeper green than he had ever seen. "I love you, John," she said her voice breaking. He kissed the tears away gently, lovingly, feeling the connection between them start to grow. That familiar feeling was getting stronger almost to the point of being recognizable.

   She lifted her hips and he smiled at her saying "Are you ready?". She smiled in return, nodded and the rocking began again, the rhythm as old as the universe itself. Skin rubbing against skin, mouths kissing, every touch accentuating the pleasure of the thrusting. "Delenn, wrap your legs around me," he said as he put his hands under her and tilted her hips upward. He was able to enter her deeper and was surprised when she took all of him. A melodious sound came out of her throat. John felt her inner muscles tightening on his penis, her body becoming rigid and knew she was quickly coming to the point of climax. He pulled back almost out of her and said, "Where do you belong, Delenn." Her hands tried to grab him and pull him back inside her but he repeated, "Delenn, answer me, where do you belong," a command.

   She knew he would not enter her again until he received an answer, "Here," she said breathing heavily, trying to get him in her again. He thrust forward, "Where is here, Delenn." He was on the verge of coming but wanted her to know that she did belong and where she belonged and with who she belonged.

    "On Babylon 5," she was weeping, her body tense all the muscles tightened and he thrust forward again, harder this time and deeper. Pulling back again, "Who do you," thrusting forward, "belong with, Delenn?" Pulling back again.

   She did not wait to answer, her voice was straining, "You, I belong with you," she said unreservedly, and with each forward thrust he stayed deep inside her and rotated his hips before pulling back. She whispered his name each time he pushed deeper into her. She was sweating and it felt as if her nerve endings were on the outside of her skin. Every movement added to her pleasure and to the feeling of a pressure building inside, wanting more yet not quite knowing what to expect until with one last thrust, she climaxed, screaming his name. Her body convulsing, shuddering, her nails digging into his flesh and scraping down his arms, drawing blood.

   Her head was thrown back and his mouth was on her neck as he entered her, harder, deeper as he felt her inner muscles spasming around his penis. He heard her screaming his name and finally allowed himself the release he wanted since she first walked into to his arms tonight, his semen spilling into her. Her name coming out of him like a prayer. His physical orgasm was strong, like an eruption of a volcano that had been dormant for prolonged period of time. His emotions were heightened to a level where he felt fully connected to Delenn, as if she would be a part of him for all times.

   As his breathing slowed he became aware that all his weight was on Delenn. He lifted up and transferred part of his weight to his forearms, not ready to separate from her yet, and looked at Delenn. Her eyes were open, returning to their normal color, her breathing was almost even. Her hair was spread all over the pillow behind her head and in her eyes and mouth. He took his hand, brushed it out of the way and gently kissed her. She smiled and put her hand lightly on his cheek. "Did you have to ask those questions at that particular time?" she said softly with laughter in her tone.

   "I wanted you to remember that you are not alone and that you do belong. I thought that you would not forget if it was said at that moment." He grinned, "It seemed a good idea at the time."

   She gave a soft laugh and traced his lips with her fingers. "Yes, I think this was a very good idea."

   "Do you believe I am alive?" he asked and saw the pain return to her eyes. He said soothingly, "I'm sorry," and kissed her eyes and lips. "Who do you belong with, Delenn" he teased.

   The pain quickly faded as she touched his cheek again. "You, I belong with you." He rolled onto his side and gathered her into his arms and softly started telling her some of things he always wanted to say. How she took his breath away the first time he saw her, their talks in the garden, how much they meant to him and how empty his day seemed if he did not see her. How barren the station was without her presence and how much he valued her opinion.

   She snuggled close to him, holding his hand tightly, not wanting to break the physical connection, listening to his voice, feeling warm, cozy, and well loved. Her eyes getting heavy, her body calm and relaxed.

   He stopped talking when he realized she was sleeping, still holding tightly to his hand. He slightly changed his position to be more comfortable and was soon asleep.

   She woke up smiling still wrapped in his arms, remembering right away where she was and what had taken place. She quietly moved out of his arms, off the bed, and stood looking down at him. She moved quietly away from the bed and went into the bathroom and when the light was on realized that she had bled. She looked in the mirror to see if there was any visible change on her face. What she saw was a small purple mark forming on her abdomen and inside her thigh. She was still smiling, feeling unbelievably contented.

   She wet a cloth with warm water and cleaned off the blood and dry semen. Then with a mischievous grin, wet the cloth again and returned to the bedroom. John was still sleeping but had turned on his back. Perfect for what she had in mind. She climbed into bed and lightly touched his thigh with the wet cloth and started to wash the remnants of their loving off him. He stirred in his sleep and she threw the cloth on the floor glad that he had not woken yet. It was her turn to explore his body, as he had explored hers.

   She looked at him in the dim light, he was so much taller than she, but it didn't matter here in bed. He was relaxed, his face at peace, something she had not seen before, he was always working, thinking, about the problems of the day and getting prepared for tomorrow's troubles. She could resist no longer and her hands set out to find all his sensitive places. Lightly touching his face and ears first and then to explore everything about him, looking back occasionally to see if he had awakened. His biceps fascinated her, still so firm in his sleep and then moved over to his chest feeling the fine hair that excited her when she felt it on her breasts. She wanted to feel that again and positioned herself over him, her breasts resting on his chest. She looked at his face to see that he was awake and closely watching her every move, silently encouraging her to continue. Placing a kiss on his cheek she placed her hand on his abdomen playing with his belly button and slid down to tease it with her tongue. He grabbed her arm and tugged her up to his face, searching for her lips. She jerked away from him saying, "Do not be impatient, John, it is my turn now." He groaned and she laughed, a silvery sound filling the air around him.

   She went exploring in earnest, kissing his ear and tracing it with her tongue, down to his neck gently biting, kissing and sucking, trailing kisses to his chest and playing with one nipple with her fingers while teasing the other with her tongue. Her hand going to his stomach making small circles and her mouth following eagerly, unwilling to wait anymore, she was the one who was getting impatient. Her hand snaked down to his penis. What had started out soft and very small had now gotten large and very, very hard. John was having trouble breathing as her hands delicately moved on his chest, her mouth teasing his nipples. Her hair was like silken fingers on his skin as she moved down his body adding to his excitement. When she touched his penis he arched his back trying to get closer to her. When she took him in her mouth he just about lost control, she had stimulated him to that point in her exploration of his body. He tried to pull her up to him, he was getting so close and wanted to be inside her when he came. Wanted to feel her muscles contracting around him as she had her orgasm. She resisted his hands but let go of his penis to position herself above him. "John, open your eyes. I want to see into you," her tone demanding.

   "Delenn," his voice strained, as he opened his eyes, his concentration was on getting inside of her, the passion he felt was undiminished. He was not sure what she was asking him to do.

   "Open yourself, John Sheriden. Show me how much you want this," She demanded again. He looked at her and somehow, he was never sure how, she slid into his mind and saw his life as a young child, at home growing up, in the academy, early military career and then a curtain.

   His hands reached for her hips. She grabbed his wrists and pinned them down on the bed above his head. "More John, open yourself more," he opened more and she saw his love for Anna, the confusion and pain when he learned she was dead, his reaction to the news about becoming Commander of Babylon 5, and how he felt the first time he saw her. Then there was a wall and no matter how she tried to go over, under, around, or break it down she could not get through. His pelvis was thrusting up trying to find her, his hands beginning to break free of her grip. Delenn refused to give up.

    Her face was over his, hair cascading down around his head, blocking everything from view. "Break it down John, let me in," she said. The small piece of his mind that was never opened before, the wall turned into a mist and he started to back away and shutter his mind, but she persisted, "Look at it, look at it with me." She brought her face closer and demanded, "Open it John, I want to see your soul!"

    In that instant the mist was gone, she could see clearly and he was stunned at what was there. They both saw, tucked away in the furthest recess of his mind was Delenn, his feelings, thoughts of her, for her exploded into view. She had been there from the dawning, always had been there, will always be there, through all time. He was completely hers, whatever had gone before was just preparation for what was happening between them now, in the future and he knew what that familiar feeling was. Love for Delenn that had been there forever, waiting to be awakened one more time.

    She opened herself to him and reflected in her eyes he saw into the same deep recess in her mind and he was there, always had been there, will always be there, she was completely his. Their thoughts and feelings melded together. His desire for her grew into a passion that would not be denied and he rolled her over on the bed, his mouth searching for hers, frantically pushing her hair out of the way.

    She pulled him to her, wanting him closer and kissed him as he entered her, deeper and deeper as she began to answer his movement with her own. They found the rhythm that had been theirs through all time. They were one in mind, body, space and time, the physical joining of two souls that had been apart much too long. They climaxed together with what seemed like the force of a star being born.


   John woke to the computer listing his appointments for the day. He sat up, crossed his legs, put his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, exasperated, thinking of his mother and her stories. Morphesus, Greek god of dreams. Well, he forgot about Ikelos. Ikelos, Morphesus' assistant, the one who brings the dreams that seem real. Thank the gods it wasn't the other one, Phobetor, he would have had nightmares for sure.

   He remembered the dream and no matter how real it seemed, the reality was -- it was only a dream. It had been so vivid, the sounds, smells, colors and sensations, specially the sensations. He could almost swear it was real, but Delenn had not been here. The fragrance of her perfume always lingered in the air after she left the room. He picked up the pillows and he could not even smell a hint of her exotic scent. She had not been here last night. He felt an emptiness inside as if he were no longer complete. He took the pillows and threw them across the room trying to release some of his pent up frustration. He rubbed his arms and felt scratches, looked down and saw faint traces of blood on both arms. Shook his head and wondered........................

   He sat for a while lost in the thought of Delenn and began to get aroused, shaking his head thinking that this *cannot* happen again and told the computer to repeat his schedule for the day. He got up to get ready for his appointments then realized that he wouldn't be late for his breakfast meeting with Ivannova as the woman Delenn recommended to clean his quarters was coming today. He was glad Delenn suggested her, the last one talked to everyone about everything, leaving nothing out. Marika kept her mouth shut and did her job very well.


   Delenn stood by the door in her quarters after Shatenn left. She had come before Delenn was fully awake. Shatenn was insistent that they begin immediately and refused to let her change. Going over the events of the Isolation Zone with her had been, to say the least, disquieting. Shatenn's probing questions made her relive the whole experience over again and though it was a relief to get all of it out, the recalling of all the details brought back the pain.

   She avoided directly answering Shatenn's questions about John, saying only that he made her drink the tea and stayed until she fell asleep. Nor did she fully answer the question about why she was wearing this particular robe, stating she was so very tired when she came out of the shower and just took the first thing her hand touched. She knew Shatenn wanted to ask more questions about this, but deferred to Delenn's rank and did not make any other comments about the robe, nor did she make any reference to John again.

   This robe was first worn during "Shan Fal" the "Pleasure Center" ritual. The robe completely covered her but the material was clinging and showed every line of her body. It was worn again during "K'Pen" the ritual before trying to conceive a child. It is not worn at any other time and yet she had knowingly put it on last night. She remembered the look on his face when she came out of the bedroom and smiled. She would not have resisted if he had made any attempt to bed her then, in fact, she would have encourage any small sign of sexual interest if it had been made.

   Then the other memory came to her, the one she didn't want to discuss with Shatenn. Going to John's quarters in a panic, his breath in her ear, his mouth suckling on her breast, her body was again getting very warm, remembering how he felt inside her and what he said. Her mental and physical response to his presence deep inside her. She wanted this to be reality, wanted so badly for this to have really happened but she knew it hadn't actually taken place.

   Delenn remembered her father telling her a story of the Ancient Minbari god of dreams, Morphenn and his helper, Ikeli, the bringer of dreams that are real. This is what must have happened last night, the ancient gods preparing her for what is to come, as the prophecy foretold. This must be the original form of The Dreaming, before the ancients found the herb that was used today. She had walked in The Dreaming with Duhkat as Guide. What she had seen were only shadows of what had been, but that had also seemed real. Duhkat had said, "There is nothing to fear in The Dreaming. Only that which we bring with us." What she took into The Dreaming was a love and trust for John..

   She shook her head and moved to the bedroom, it was time to leave The Dreaming behind, she would look at it again in her meditations tonight. The robe slipped to the floor as she began to get ready for the day, dressing in the such a hurry that she did not see the small purple mark on the inside of her thigh.


   When the housekeeper (that is what she preferred to be called) came to clean the Captain's cabin she also changed the sheets on the bed. She thought to herself, "The Captain is not alone anymore," and made a mental note to put the sheets in a special cleaner to remove the blood stains, then found a wash cloth on the floor that needed the same care.

   She went to the Minbari Ambassador's quarters next. Delenn was so considerate never leaving the place in a mess as some of her other clients did. Her answer to that inconsideration was to charge them more for her services. In the Ambassador's quarters the work went quickly and easily, her payment was prompt, unlike others, and she always left a little something extra on the table.

   Many questions were always asked about the Ambassador and the Captain, but she never said anything to anyone, no matter how much money was offered. The good opinion of both of them mattered more than money to her. She also appreciated the recommendations they gave to others. She now had a complete work schedule thanks to them.

   She went into the bedroom and stopped to admire the crystals on the desk. They gave off such beautiful colors that splayed against the wall. She could also smell the incense that was used for Delenn's meditation. It was a different fragrance and not unpleasant. She moved to the slanted bed and pulled off the sheets, making a mental note to put them in the same cleaning solution as the Captains.






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