Goodnight, J&D-Storybook

- a note berry and ern

I have been a B5 fan since the second season aired, that is about six years ago. At the beginning there was the show and maybe some day the possibility of a convention. Then almost two years ago I finally installed my first internet access and discovered that there was so much more: huge B5 pages with pictures from the show and sounds recorded from tapes. It was only a matter of time until I found the 'Spoiler Junkies Page' and with that the J&D-Storybook. I had never heard much about fan fiction, had no clue what this could be about. So, I reluctantly entered that Storybook and what I found was way more than what I expected. An entire universe of stories, diverse as no one could imagine. I spent hours and days and weeks downloading and reading them. It was my way into fan fiction.

When JumpNow was launched it also included a little fan fiction archive, mostly J&D much like the Storybook, not quite as big but it is growing. After six months working on JumpNow and on that fan fiction archive I can clearly imagine what work it must have cost to put up and run the Storybook. This way I want to thank the masters of it for the work they did. It was a great pleasure to 'surf' through the ftp-archive and get all those wonderful stories.
On JumpNow Berry and I already archived some of the stories we found in the Storybook and we'll do our best to post even more of those stories. This is our way to keep the Storybook alive and offer newcomers the same stories we found there. They are to good to simply vanish from the net.

Goodnight, Ern

Something unique has left us.

The J&D Storybook is history. But wasn't it history before?

So many people read the stories archived there. So many people, me included, read the first Babylon 5 stories there, right there... and now it's gone.

Part of me feels very sorry that such a place full of dreams and creativity has passed. Another part, maybe the reasonable part says that it was good as long as it lasted. But the other voice chimes in again and it sounds a little bit like "But what about the end of the story?" and then I hear Londo's voice again... "The story is not over yet. The story is never over..."

So to all who made the JD Storybook what it was: Thank you very much for all the stories I enjoyed... from the deepest pit of my heart.

Goodnight, Berry

A response from one of the SB editors:
"I think I can speak for the others when I thank you for your site and your thoughts. We certainly enjoyed editing those stories and putting them up where everyone could get them. But, as you rightfully point out on your page, it was the authors who are the real hard working heroes in the history of the Story Book. I want to express my sincerest and utmost appreciation to all of those authors, anonymous or not, who spent their free hours away from their children, their job, their life to add to the depth and beauty of Babylon 5 and the John and Delenn love story." (Jan 23rd, 2001)

The JD storybook

To all FanFiction Writers and Babylon 5 FanFiction Readers out there:

JumpNow will try to carry the torch that the JD Storybook left to be picked up... we will carry it wherever it may lead us.

So, if you know a fanfiction story which should be posted in our archive. Please let us know and write to