By Jennie Moore




This is my first attempt at writing so any feedback is welcome. Standard disclaimers and all.

   This takes place before John and Delenn get married.






The year is 2281

   He watched as the second history played out...wondering if what he was watching could or would actually happen. He had lived most of his adult life without either parent..but to see his mother die before he was born, it just cut too deep. How could this be the 'past'? How can I 'be' without her.

   He knew what he had to do. He knew then that he had to go. Taking his helmet in his hand he headed for the door and the docking bay. He didn't know exactly how he was going to make things right, he only knew that if if he didn't...he would not survive.


The year is 2261

   Bablyon 5 hung in space luminated by the sun coming out of eclipse of Epison III. It had no idea of the role it had played in the Shadow War. The people on board where finally getting a chance to relax before the challenge of Earth was upon them.

   John Sheridan was sitting in the Zen Garden trying to relax. He had been going full speed since returning from Z'ha'Dum and he was having trouble just slowing down. He was really hoping Delenn would wonder through. He missed her more than he cared to admit. She had been the only reason he had survived his fall. Movement next to him brought him back to where he was and thats when he noticed Delenn sitting next to him.

   "Hello, John" she said. Looking at him with such love in her eyes.

   'God', he thought, 'I could get lost in those eyes'. "Hello, Delenn". He just wanted to spend time with her...any amount of time.

   "Are you alright?" she asked.

   "Fine...fine" John replied. "Just trying to figure what our next move will be." He still wasn't certain how to go about telling her what happened to him...and she had a right to know.

   Suddenly John's ComLink sounded "Ivanova to Sheridan"

   "Sheridan..go" he replied...not taking his eyes off Delenn.

   "Captain, we have a ship coming in. It didn't go through the Jump Gate. I think you should come up to C & C...we traced the origin and it came from Sector 14"..Susan sounded just a little puzzled.

   "Sector 14?..are you sure?" Jhn was suddenly interested in what Susan was saying.

   "Yes Sir" came the reply. John stood up "I'm on my way" and turning to Delenn he said "I'll catch up with you later..okay?"

   Delenn, smiling at him, simply said "Alright"


   Ivanova was tracking the ship. It looked like it had been through hell and back again. It seemed that it was heading right for the station. And she didn't like that at all. She was trying to raise the ship when the Captain entered Command & Control.

   "Captain, we can't seem to get a responce from the ship." Susan said. She had already put a squad on alert, but she felt it was better if the Captain made the decision to launch.

   "Do we have intercepts ready?" John asked...already knowing the answer.

   "Yes" came the reply. Then she turned and "Launch fighters...intercept and bring it into Bay 5, C & C out." Susan watched the display and a shiver went up her spine. She really hated mysteries. Garibaldi was the one that loved mysteries.


   In Bay 5 security was waiting for the ship. Michael Garibaldi really likes mysteries...but he hated Sector 14..ever since the incident with Babylon 4 and Commander Sinclair. Just then everyone tensed as the ship was docked.

   "Scanning, life form...very faint." said one of the security guards.

   " her up..someone might be hurt..but be just never know" said Garibaldi.

   " might want to get the doctor up here...and fast!" came a reply from inside the ship. Garibaldi climbed in and found the officer staring at the person in the cammand seat. He couldn't beleive what he was seeing.


   "Is he alive?" asked John after entering MedLab. He looked around and found everyone scrambling in a frenzy. As he stepped closer to the I-so Room, he saw who the doctors where working on and his breath caught in his throat.

   "Yes, but he's in bad shape...this could take some time. I'll contact you when I can." came Stephens responce. He must have seen the shock on the Captain's face, for he turned away as quickly has he could.

   Sheridan just stood there looking at the man laying on the table. It was like looking in a mirror, except for the bonecrest. Then he remembered. Centari the future..Delenn telling him "Our son is safe"..John suddenly felt a cold chill go through him...was he looking at 'their' son?

   He woke feeling light headed and disoriented...'did I make I on Bablyon 5?' Suddenly the sound of a door opening made him look up. A man, in some kind of uniform was staring at him.

   "Welcome back" said this man as he walked over to the bed. "I'm Dr. Stephen Franklin, Chief Medical Officer." Stephen stood there watching his eyes.

   As he released the breathe he was holding he simply looked around and then asked "Where am I?" He had a feeling that he knew the answer, but needed tohear it, just to confirm that he was there.

   "Your on Bablyon 5. Whats your name?" asked the Doctor as he checked the readings on the monitor over the head of the medbed.

   "David" came the reply. He couldn't give his full name.

   "Just try to relax. You were suffering from oxygen depervation, but your gonna be fine." The Doctor turned to leave, took one last look at the man lying on the bed, and exited the room.

   David laid there...'I made it' he thought. 'Now how do I face my Father?' He had known this time would come. He thought he could handle wasn't so sure.

   David always thought that if he could meet his Father he would understand why he had gone away when he was so young. He had a feeling that talking with him would make things okay. But how do you tell a man that his wife will die, pregnant, and there wasn't anything that you could do to prevent it from happening. How do you explain that after her death, he would change...forever.

   And if that other history is do you tell him that his wife will die in child-birth while looking at your son. David knew what his life was like without either of them. He knew that he needed at least one of them in his life...and he wasn't too concerned with which one.



   John Sheridan was sitting in his office when Delenn entered. He couldn't get the vision of the man in MedLab out of his mind. 'Was that MY son? How can that be?' John heard movement and he turned to see Delenn standing there.

   "John, I heard you where looking for me? Is something wrong?" Somehow she could always tell that something was bothering him.

   "Delenn...I think I just met...our..." 'come on John, just say it' he chastised himself.

   "Our..what?" asked Delenn...puzzled.

   "Our...Son" he finished. He lowered his eyes, how could he look at her.

   "Son?" she repeated. "How can that be?" She took a seat next to John. Delenn thought she was a tear in his eye. "John, what are you talking about?"

   So john told her about the time shifts. The future he witnessed when they where on Bablyon 4. About their son. She just sat there listening to him. Now she understood why he kept that from her. He was afraid of changing the future.


   Sometime later, David woke again only to see a security guard at the doorway. He didn't fully understand why he was there. He was feeling better, but when he tried to stand a nurse came in and caught him...right before he fell.

   "You shouldn't get up just yet" she said. Taking a firmer grip on his arm. He was suprised at the strength in her hands.

   "I'm fine...I can stand" He told her...but it was a lie. As soon as she released him he started to fall again. "Okay...I can take a hint" She finally relented and let him sit on the bed.

   "Well...glad to see your feeling better." Dr. Franklin said as he entered the room. "You have some people that would like to talk with you. Do you feel up to it?" There seemed to be some concern on the doctors face. David wasn't sure what he was talking about and it didn't really matter as long as he got out of the MedLab.

   "Yea...guess so..or do I NOT have a choice?" David decided that he would see just how he was going to be treated amoung the officers. He knew that if his Father was on board he at least might have an ally on 'his' side.

   Dr. Franklin led him out of the MedLab and towards Captain Sheridan's office. When David exited the MedLab some of the people in the hallway stopped in their tracks and stared. Some of them pointed and whispered. David could hear some of what they where saying..but he didn't care. Anything to get the chance to see his Father...and with any luck his Mother.

   David never realized how important she was until that moment. After seeing how his Dad was after losing her, he decided that he would do all he could to keep her safe.


   When he entered Sheridan's office, all the command staff was there. John stood up and with a look to Delenn, he made a jester for him to take a seat. David suddenly felt very alone. He sat down and introduced himself.

   "My name is David...David John Sheridan." He waited for the shock and confusion to die down and then contiued. "I came back in time from the year 2281 to prevent a that is not supposed to happen." There...he said it! But that was the easy part. He hadn't mentioned who was going to die..if indeed there was going to be a death.

   "Just who is going to die?" came a voice at the other end of the table. David looked up to see concer on his Fathers face. Although he seemed not to accept the fact that David was his son.

   "If I tell you would make the reason for my coming here seem selfish...and it actually was selfish. I have a personal stake in this too." David wasn't sure how to proceed with the conversation. He thought his Father would greet him a little better than he had, but it didn't matter.

   She was here.

   He kept staring at Delenn..."I'm sorry, I keep staring at you" he said to her. "its just that I didn't know that you where so beautiful."

   Delenn turned her eyes to the table, blushing slightly "Its okay" she finally said. Turning she looked at John. Taking his hand. "John?" David didn't miss the look in his eyes when he turned to Delenn.

   David was happy to see the way that Delenn...his Mother, he corrected himself...was looking at his Father. He never had any problem thinking of John Sheridan as anything other than his Dad, but sitting with both his parents was something he never got to do. And to see the love between took his breathe away.

   John must have sensed David looking at him. When he spoke he said "I would like Delenn and I to talk to David in private. Everyone is dismissed."

   After the rest of the command staff had exited, John finally looked into his 'sons' eyes. "I don't what to call you? What to say to you? How can I sit here with my son" he repeated "and not be confused."

   As they sat around the table David finally answered one of the Captain's questions. "You can call me David." But seeing his eyes, all he wanted was to give his Dad a hug. However, knowing 'who' he was, he just couldn't do it. "I know that my being here has raised alot of questions. I'm just sorry I can't answer them." And with that he stood up and began to pace the office.

   "You said the reason you came here was personal. Can I ask about that?" Asked Delenn. She could tell by looking at him exactly who is parents where. The resembalance to John was almost shocking..and the was exactly like hers.

   "I know...and I wish I could say." David just didn't want to say anything that he might regret. Finally he turned to John. Somehow one could not imagine what he was thinking or feeling. John seemed to have put a wall between himself and this man claiming to be his 'son.'

   Delenn was handling this better..and David wasn't sure how or why. Maybe she understood more of what was happening than John. David had the feeling that if he reached our and touched his Father on the shoulder he would simply shatter.

   Delenn must have had the same feeling for she now was leaning much closer to John.

   "John?"..she said softly. He only lifted his eyes to meet hers. The look on John's face must have hurt, for she leaned back in her chair..shock settling in.

   "This is a Shadow trick..I know it is!" John finally said. "There is NO way you can convince me that you're my son!" and then John summoned security to have David taken to a holding cell.

   "Shadow trick!" exclaimed Delenn..."How can you say that!" She was furious, but terrified too.

   Security came in and took David away leaving John and Delenn alone. Confused..terrified..and well..they weren't sure what they where feeling.

   John turned to Delenn, who stood there in shocked disbelief. How was he going to make her understand that the man who had said was their son, couldn't be. John stepped toward Delenn, trying somehow to console her. She just stared at him with anger in her eyes and walked out.


   David was escorted to a holding cell by two security guards and Michael Garibaldi. Just before he entered the cell, David turned to Michael "Do you beleive me?" he asked.

   Garibaldi shrugged his shoulders "I don't know, but the Captain said to put you in a holding cell...I" sorry...I have to."

   David understood his Father couldn't take any chances. And somehow David knew that John would work out whatever it was he was feeling.


   John started walking around the station. Somehow he couldn't get the image of Delenn's face out of his mind. And when he looked up, he realized he was standing at her door. He pushed the door chime 'will she let me in' he wondered..then from the other side...

   "Yes?" came a soft voice.

   "Delenn...its me...can we talk?" John asked. He was afraid she would tell him 'No' when the door suddenly opened. He walked in..the room was dark except for a few candles burning. When his eyes adjusted, he noticed her curled up in a corner of the sofa. She had a very haunted look on her face.

   John started to step toward her, but she simply told him "NO!" John didn't know what to do. He just stopped where he was when she suddenly stood up and turned her back to him.

   "Delenn..." John started to say..but she cut him off.

   "How can you say its a 'Shadow trick'? I look at David..and I..I see you!...Now how can you deny that he is your son? How can you think that he might not be OUR son? How can you deny it!" When she turned around, tears where running down her cheeks.

   "Don't you think I want to believe him? I saw the look in his eyes when he looked at you. I can't deny that there was something there. But after what happened with Anna..I'm having a hard time believing it IS him." His voice broke. "Delenn..I don't want to lose you...because if I did, I might lose HIM...and I don't know if I could handle that."

   "Then what do we do?" Delenn asked. "Pretend he's not here? Put him out of our minds so we don't have to deal with him?" She was getting just as angry with John, as he felt about himself.

   John knew that fighting with Delenn wouldn't get him anywhere. 'Besides, how do you argue with a woman who just met her son..and didn't know she was going to be a mother' John asked himself. 'Who am I really mad at? David for being here...or myself for not telling Delenn about him sooner?' All these thoughts where running around in John's head.

   "Why don't we have Stephen do a complete medical scan on him...have Stephen check his DNA to see if it matches ours. Maybe that will help answer questions that we both are afraid to ask" John wasn't really sure he wanted the answers, but the look on Delenn's face told him she that SHE needed them.

   "Alright...lets have Stephen do them..NOW!" said Delenn. John didn't want to see the look on her face again. He felt a cold chill go through him.


   David tried to get comfortable on the bunk. He was thinking so fast that he felt his head would explode. The meeting had not gone like he thought it would. But the one good thing that came out of if...he got to see his mother. He never really had a chance to know her. Or see them together. At the thought of his father...David started hearing the words again 'Shadow trick!'

   David didn't know about Anna. His father never told him. He didn't know about Z'ha'dum. Didn't know about Lorien. Didn't know that his father had had only twenty years to live. If he had, he would have understood why he reacted the way he did. But all David knew was that his father was suddenly very angry. 'But angry at who?' David asked himself. 'Was he angry at me. At himself?'

   Just then a security guard entered his cell. "Come with me, please. The Captain wants me to take you back to MedLab.

   David gave no protest. Hopefully it would answer questions that were never asked earlier. Besides, how was he going to finish his mission if his father kept him locked up in a holding cell.


   Dr. Stephen Franklin was waiting with John and Delenn when David arrived. Stephen told him about some of the tests he wanted to perform...including the DNA test. David was mildly shocked at that one...'Why' was the only thought that came to his mind.

   Delenn was trying to talk with David while the Doctor was conducting his tests. She felt as if part of her world was crashing down around her. She was mad at John..mad enough that it hurt her too. She was fighting all kinds of emotions. Her love for John..maybe what she thought was love for her son...her son...she couldn't deny that fact. But every time she looked at John, she couldn't tell what he was thinking.

   John was trying to distance himself from what was going on. He was lost in his thoughts. Thoughts that were dangerous...or se he believed them to be. He needed to know for sure if this man was his son...or really a Shadow trick. 'What if its not a Shadow trick..what if...' John knew that doing the 'what if' game, he would only be disappointed. "Stephen, will you let me know what the results are..I'll be in C & C." And with that he left.

   Delenn was almost in shock with what John said. She couldn't believe that he wouldn't stay and find out the results. Thats what made her even madder. David could see in her eyes just how mad she was at John. He wanted to hold her...give her some kind of comfort..but for some reason, he thought better of it...if looks could kill.

   (Two hours later)

   "Well..I have some of the resluts back. David does not show any signs of a Shadow influence. Which is good. And the DNA test does prove that David is yours and John's son. But I don't really think you needed me to tell you that." Stephen finished.

   And with that Delenn turned to David, a single tear running down her cheek and gave David a big hug. "Its a pleasure to met you..son" she said. David couldn't believe that he was acutally holding his was a bitter sweet moment.

   Stephen had contacted John and when he came through the door, he saw Delenn hugging David. Both looked like they where about to drown each other in their tears. John couldn't help but be moved by this. So he finally said "Mind if I hug my son too?"


   The three decided to celebrate by having dinner together. David was really enjoying himself, when he spotted something in one of the shops on the other side of the Zocalo. He excused himself and wondered over. It was a music shop that he entered and asked the owner about a certain song.

   After he purchased what he was looking for, he exited the shop and seeing his parents walking hand-in-hand toward him. David spotted a man making his way across the Zocalo. He thought he knew him...but how he didn't know. Suddenly he was HIM...the assasin. David knew what was coming. He turned and looked in the direction that the assasin was going...right where his parents where. David got a cold chill down his spine...started walking faster towards his parents. That was when he spotted the weapon in the assasins hand.

   "NO!" he yelled...and bolted toward his parents. He got there in time to knock Delenn down. But he heard the shot and a man slumped next to them. David then heard shouts and people running...heard an alarm go off..and security scrambling to stop the man that had fired the shot.

   David didn't know if they got hiim or not. He pulled himself up to see if Delenn was okay, when he caught site of what she was looking at.


   David rolled him onto his back. John had taken the shot in the chest. Blood had soaked through his shirt..was on the floor..and splattered on his face.

   " you hear me?" David kept saying. At that point he didn't care who was around. Didn't care who heard him. His only concern was his Father.

   Voices...but from where and why they sounded concerned he didn't know. He had been standing in the Zocalo when someone yelled..when he heard something..then felt something slam into him. 'Delenn' was his last thought as darkness took him.


   "Get that I.V. over here and start another unit of blood" Dr. Franklin shouted. There was so much confusion in MedLab it was almost too much to bear.

   Delenn didn't want to leave his side, but Stepehn needed the room, so she finally went out in the waiting room. David was there with Susan Ivanova and Michael Garibaldi. David stoop up when she entered and came over to her.

   "Mom..I'm..I'm sorry." David was on the verge of losing control. His eyes stung from unshed tears...and he felt the weight of the world was on his shoulders.

   Delenn slowly looked up into his eyes. That was when she noticed he was starting to cry. "No, David, it wasn't your fault. You where protecting me. John will be alright..he has to be." She told him. Then very slowly lifted a hand to touch his face. Her touch brought David some comfort. But then she took him in her embrace and they both just sood in the waiting room, holding each other while the emotional release was witnessed by all.

   They had waited for what seemed an eternity when Stephen finilly came out of surgery. Delenn saw the look on his face. Stepehn's brow was wet with sweat...and a look of relief fill his eyes.

   "Stephen?" Delenn said "Is he..." fighting back tears, she couldn't finish the question.

   "He's not as bad as we thought. He's gonna be okay...its just gonna take a little time." Stephen sounded tired. He told them that the shot had only grazed him..for John must have turned at the same moment the shot was fired. He had a puncturd lung and other minor injuries, but nothing life threatening. "He should be awake in a few hours. Why don't you get some rest Delenn."

   "Can I...we..see him?" Delenn asked, taking David's hand.

   "He'll be out the rest of the night...but I'll take you too him."

   When they entered the private cubical, Delenn walked over and stood next to John's bed. Taking his hand in hers..very quietly she whispered "I love you, John...don't leave me here can I get along without you." And then she started crying very softly.

   David was still standing in the doorway. He was just staring at John. 'How could I have let it get this far?' He asked himself. The events of the day where catching up with him. He felt light headed. As he took a stop forward he felt the room spin..felt a grip on his arm...then his vision turned to darkness.

   Delenn didn't know which one needed her more. Stephen suggested that they put them together so she could stay and keep an eye on both of them. Delenn never left the room. She wanted to make sure that they where going to be alright. She sat next to John...holding his hand. Suddenly his hand twitched in hers and she sat up quickly.

   "Delenn..." John's voice was raspy. He was trying to focus on the world when he noticed that Delenn was smiling at him.

   "John?" she almost cried his name. "How do you feel?"

   "Hard to breath...guess that...means...I'm alive...pain is not...too bad" he managed to say. then looking to his left saw David in the bed next to him.

   "What happened?" John asked..not taking his eyes from David.

   "Stephen thinks its shock. But he's going to be alright. He just needed some rest." Delenn told him. She could see relief...and something his eyes. That was when John looked up at Delenn.

   "You too...Delenn" he told her. John could see dark circles under her eyes and noticed that she looked like she had be crying..alot. She only gave him a slight smile before replying.

   "I will rest...when it is time."

   "Delenn...I" John said as he drifted off back to sleep..snoring softly.


   John had managed to bully his way out of MedLab after only a week. It was rather a small victory for everyone. He was stronge enough to fight with them, which meant he was feeling better. When he was finally released to go back to his quarters, Stephen decided he didn't want to leave him alone.

   "Don't worry, Stephen...I will stay with him." Declared Delenn. And with that it was settled.

   Delenn contacted David to have dinner with them. David agreed.

   Shortly after dinner David sat watching ins parents together. David was enjoying himself. He never imagined that this moment would ever happen, could ever happened...he corrected himself. And when he did that, he realized that he should be leaving soon, before he disrupted the time line anymore than he already had.

   Suddenly a hand on his arm brought him out of his reverie and found he found Delenn's hand on his arm.

   "'ve been quiet everything alright?" She inquired.

   "I was just thinking." David replied. He had no intention of telling her what he was thinking about. He was also glad that she didn't push to find out. "Do you mind if John and I talk...alone?"

   Delenn was a little surprised by this..but none the less agreeed. "Of two go and sit in the living room...I will take care of the dinner dishes." Then she began to clear things up.

   As they went to sit down David found it very strange to be seeing his Dad in high spirites. It made him think that mabye things woudl be okay..for now.

   "I don't know where to begin...what to ask you about..or if I should ask you anything at all." Began John. David lookig into John's eyes knew that if he said too much, it would change things. So David decided the best thing was to try to say his goodbyes and prepare to leave the station. But he just couldn't leave without saying something to him.

   "John..Dad...please..listen to me..don't ask how I know what I'm going to tell you...and not ask me to explain. I know things that are going to happen. You have to protect Delenn. No matter what MUST...above all else..keep her safe. Do you understand me?" David didn't know if he sounded determined enough, but it would have to do.

   "Yes...and I could do no less. But what is so important that I promise to do this?" John asked, with alot of questions on his mind. David wasn't sure how to answer that..and not sure if he wanted to.

   This was the whole reason he had come back in time. But now that he was here, he couldn't bring himself to say the words. He couldn't find his voice to tell John that he was going to loose his soul mate, confidant, the birth of a son.

   "It is just something that you must do...Please this..for me"

   All John could do was agree.


   Two days later David stood in the flight hanger. He didn't want to say goodbye, but he knew that he had to leave. The assasin had never been caught, but it didn't matter. Both of them where safe and he knew that things would somehow work out.

   As he turned to leave he heard his name.

   "David" It was John and Delenn. David hadn't wanted to see them again. He just knew it would be too hard for them.

   " I have something for you" and handed John a data crystal. "I got it the night you where hurt...when we had dinner together." David said, as a way to explain what it was. "Please...listen to this when I'm gone" And with the he hugged them both and climbed into his ship.

   A few minutes later he was gone..back where he was supposed to be.


   Meanwhile in MedLab, Dr. Franklin was going over David's test results again, when he found something that made him stop and suddenly bring up Sheridan's records. 'Was it possible...maybe.' Stephen thought.

   He went to the ComStation and contacted Sheridan, asking him to meet him in MedLab, and to bring Delenn with him.

   "Okay Doc...what's up?" John asked..almost as soon as the door to Franklin's office closed.

   "John..Delenn..please have a seat...I have something to tell you both"

   After they took their seats, Stephen started to tell them about the blood tests that he done on David. Told them what he found. And decided to give John the information that he had found.

   "This will probalby come as a shcok to both of you, but I figured you had a right to know. You see, when I did some of the tests on David I found something. He has something in his blood..something that will help John...its.....


   It was later that night. Neither of them knew how to come to terms with what Stephen had told them. But they knew that what David had given John was a givt that would last a lifetime. After coming back to John's quarters they both sat on the sofa and stared at the data crystal.

   "Should we play it?" asked Delenn.

   "Yea..I think so." So getting up John slipped it in and said "Play."

   David's face appeared on the screen. "I hope you two are together, because I wanted you both to hear this..and hope that John knows what he should do." When he stopped speaking, music filled the room...and someone was singing.

People come and go
People change their mind
People give their hearts
And mean it at the time
A shift in the wind
For no reason why
And at the drop of a tear
Someone says good-bye

But God as my witness
Without a doubt
I'll love you tomorrow
Like I love you now

I'm here for you
through the good and the bad
Take the weight of the world
And divide it in half
In the years to come
There will be one
Promise that alwys hold true
I'm here for you

I know that you're scared
It's hard to have faith
When so many dreams
Somehow lose their way
The path isn't narrow
It turns and it twists
But I knew my future
The first time we kissed

But God as my witness
You can be sure
This heart that you're holdin'
Will always be yours

In the years to come
There will be one
Promise that always holds true
I'm here for you

   As the song finished, John turned to Delenn..and gave her a very passionate kiss. She responed by holding John. Because at that moment she knew that the love she had for him was growing stronger.

   "John...we should set a date for the wedding."


   The year is 2281

   David had made it back to his own time...barely would be a better way to state it. As he exited this ship, he became aware of someone standing there. He turned around and while removing his helmet suddenly got a good look at who it was. He dropped his helmet and ran forward to greet him. He couldn't believe that he was there.

   "David!" He said.

   "Dad!" David replied...and suddenly was in his dad's arms. David wasn't sure if he was dreaming, but he didn't care. He was here..with tears rolling down his cheeks, David managed to say " are you still.." but he couldn't finish the sentence.

   "It's okay David...lets go home"

   And David realized he WAS home.


   It was almost 0300, John and David sat quietly toghet at the dinning room table. John noticed that his son seemed far away.

   "David..I get the feeling that you want to know how and why I'm still here?"

   "Yes...I would" he said.

   John started by telling him about his first wife, Anna, and how she died at Z'ha'dum...or was supposed to be dead. He told him about Lorien, what had happened when he jumped. And how Delenn had been his reason for living.

   "When you where on B5..Stephen ran those test on you to prove that you where indeed my son. When he got the results back, it confirmed that your DNA and blood was a mixture of mine and Delenn's." John stopped there. David wasn't sure if his hesitation was for his benefit..or his Dad's.

   "I love you, Dad. I would have done have more time with you."

   "And you did. When Stephen found out that your blood held a solution to what was wrong with me..he almost couldn't contain himself." John's eyes where starting to tear up and David noticed this. "I couldn't believe that my son had to come back in time to save my life. And you always figured it was your mother that you where supposed to be saving...who would have guessed it was me."

   And with that David knew...knew what he had done..knew why he had done it. And the realized that his life would be different. They both stood up at the same time and without even thinking....hugged each other.

   John said his goodnight, David headed for his room. 'How long ago did he tuck me in every night?' seems a lifetime ago..and now he is here.'

   David couldn't resist the urge to look in on his father. So quietly he walked by to his dad's room. As he looked in he saw his dad was lying on the bed...crossways..feet hanging on the floor, arm drapped across his eyes. Daivd wasn't sure..but he thought his dad was crying.

   "Dad?..are you okay?" David had never seen his dad cry before and it worried him a great deal.

   John slowly moved his arm and sat up to look at his son standing in the doorway. "I don't know" he chocked out. " It just seems strange to look at you, remember what you did for me, and not have Delenn here to share it" The tears started flowing again and John couldn't stop them.

   David stepped over to his dad. "Its okay dad...its gonna be okay." David said has sat on the bed and put his arm around him. And as they both sat there on the, David realized that his Father had never cried for Mother..or if he had..David never knew.

   But for now, John and David...Father and Son...Friends..held each other and forgot the rest of the universe.





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