By Lara Nicosia




Based on the episodes "Face of the Enemy" and "Intersections in Real Time" - from Delenn's point-of-view.

© July 1997





Lennier came to me,
Something had happened.
But I already knew,
Already felt the betrayal,
The pain.
They say they are treating you well.
But I know otherwise.
They are trying to break you,
To make you admit you were coerced.
Minbari War Syndrome.
Alien Influence.
They don't understand;
They don't want to.
Everything you did,
You did for the Galaxy,
You did for Earth,
You did for them,
You did for us,
You did for Love.
Be strong, John,
And know that I am always here.
I have faith -
You will not break.
I know for we are connected
Through Space,
Through Time.
Your war will be won.
Earth will be free.
One day
You will return home
As a friend, not as a traitor.
Just be strong
And know that I am always here.





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