By Judy Bierman




   How many time can the Shan Fal ritual be re-worked? Here is yet another one. It is sex, plain and simple, so if you are under age, or find this type of fanfic not to your taste (pity) read no further.

   The disclaimers are as all disclaimers go. Nothing B5 is mine (pity), except my over active B5 imagination. A special thanks to my beta readers that graciously dealt my poor spelling, and over zealous B5 mind-wanderings.






   Delenn grabbed John's hand and pulled him into her bedroom, then returned to acknowledge Lennier and the others before closing the door behind her. The excitement she felt at that moment had not been anticipated. John stood on the other side of the room, unsure what to do next and feeling extremely awkward with the thought of an audience in the next room. As she turned from the door, Delenn was un-fastening the top of her dress. She had pulled it from her shoulders, by the time she faced John. It dropped to her waist revealing the most amazing porclein skin, and to John's thrill two small perfect human breasts. They were like beacons that John couldn't take his eyes off, with the biggest violet colored areolas he'd ever seen.

   Blood started racing to places he wasn't sure he was ready for, when Delenn chided, "You can touch them, John. I do not think they will break!"

   Embarassed, he chuckled as he stepped towards her. He cupped a breast in each hand feeling the firmness of her aroused nipples in the palms of his hands. John closed his eyes, unable to make eye contact with her. "This will be o.k., John," she reassured him as she she unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hand over his chest and down to his stomach. He opened his eyes, with a sheepish grin on his face and quickly took off his shirt asking. "What next?" "You know John, if I did not know better, I'd believe that you had never been with a woman before. What do you want to do?," she said as she kicked off her shoes.

   John was torn. He knew this was a ritual, and had to be done properly. All he wanted to do was run his hands over her white flesh, but the thought of this beautiful woman not being totally human sidetracked his desire almost more than the idea this being part of a ritual. With her words in mind, he took a deep breath, dropped to his knees, and grabbed Delenn's waist, pulling her to him. She smiled down at him, her bright emerald eyes dancing as she showed him how to undo the rest of her dress, and let it drop to the floor. All she was wearing now were thigh high stockings.... To John's great pleasure, in front of him was a tiny waist, round milky hips, and a beautiful nest of hair. He was so excited, and for a moment relieved that he clutched her, caressing her smooth butt, burying his face in her soft bush. Caught off guard by John's dramatic response, and feeling a tremendous amount of heat flow to the lower part of her body, Delenn squeezed John's shoulders, his name whispered as she gasped.

   She smelled like no other woman he'd been with. He felt intoxicated as he slowly rose to look at her face, when she murmered "My turn!" and slid down his body to the floor. She took off his shoes and socks, tossing them away, as he started to unzip his pants. Delenn took his hand, kissed and moved it aside so she could finish the job of removing his pants...and then his boxers which she mused to herself had odd words on them like "POW!," "Batman!," and "ZAP!"

   She had researched the human male anatomy, but his now ridged cock looked like nothing she'd studied. Having never been with a male, let alone a human male, Delenn felt an enormous desire to explore John's lower body. She marveled over his muscular thighs and ran her hands up the inside of his legs enjoying the change in texture the closer she got to his testicles. *How curious!* she thought as she fondled them *He is so strong, yet these are so soft...*

   John's knees were getting weak...they were about to give out, when he pulled Delenn up from the floor. Gazing into her bright green eyes, he flashed one of his famous smiles as he led her to the bed whispering, "Is this all right?" Her response was to nearly drag him on top of her. They kissed like they'd never kissed before---long and wet---tongues entwined.

   John kissed Delenn's throat as he gently caressed her bonecrest sending a shiver thru her body. Then he began moving the kisses down to her stomach, stopping to kiss and stroke each breast before slowly shifting to her silken mound. To Delenn's great surprise, her legs opened under John's touches. He rolled her stockings down, enjoying the curves of her legs, as he began to lick and suck his way up to her inner thighs.

   Delenn was unprepared for the wash of heat that ran through her body when he began to explore her center, first with his fingers and then with his tongue. He teased manic circles over her clitoris, and gently nibbled and sucked on her lower lips till he could feel them swell against mouth. She shuddered, clutching the sides of the mattress, and her back arched as she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Delenn's breathing was ragged as her legs spread wider in anticipation of John's next move. It was at that point that John thought he saw something .......different. In the next room Lennier was lighting candles whilst the others meditated.

   ....end chapter one





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