By Judy Bierman




   More of the same.....disclaimers and warnings alike. Many thanks to Danielle and Lydie for their kind beta reading. Feedback is always welcome.....as scary as it seems to me!






   The candles sent a warm comforting glow into the bedroom from where others were praying. Delenn realised that John's actions had calmed down.... no, they'd stopped. She felt awkward for a microsecond, and had sensed that John was feeling the same. "Come up here, John," she purred as she opened her arms down to him. The gentle smile on her lips and the shine in dancing eyes beckoned him, as they always did, to move towards her. His face was still wet with her juices as he crawled up her body like a wildcat on the prowl, forgetting what he'd been doing. She giggled to herself, at first thinking he looked like a mad gok, until John's hot breath sent a shiver through her as he snaked up her body. Delenn wanted to make John happy. Even though it was most likely improper for a member of the Religious Caste, she researched common acts that pleasured the human male.

   When their faces met, she ran her tongue along John's lips and kissed him seductively, urging him to continue moving up towards her.He reluctantly moved as Delenn slid down the slightly angled Minbari bed. Now John was leaning against the wall at the head of the bed and was somewhat straddling Delenn's head. "Delenn," he whispered, "do you think this is a good idea?" She could hear an unusual sound of fear or at least concern in his voice as she hesitantly took his stiff cock in her right hand, and began to kiss and nibble on the tender head. Guessing what was about to happen couldn't save John from the disquieting sound that escaped his lips. Delenn had heard the term "woo hoo" used by Mr Garibaldi and other humans, but never imagned it being used in this manner. With her left hand she caressed the small of his back and stroked his stiffened penis with her right. John quivered; her name hanging in the air as a low moan. The sound of his pleasure made another rush of heat run up the inside of her thighs as she took his firm manhood into her warm waiting mouth.

   John was going to lose control. He knew he couldn't hold on for much longer with what she was doing to him, and with that knowedge he pulled away. "John, what is it!!" she gasped thinking she had done something terribly wrong. "Is my job of blowing not correct?" John caught up in her actions not her words, slid down onto Delenn, stopping to place tender kisses at the base of her crown at her temples. "It was more than correct!" He playfully kissed her on the nose and gazed deep into her now smokey green eyes hoping she could see what he couldn't put into words. Cupping her cheek in his left hand; he ran his thumb over her slightly parted lips till she took the pad of his thumb between her teeth bringing a devilish smile to John's face. He slid his thumb away replacing it with a fierocous kiss, and began to glide his hand down her body..... her graceful neck, shoulder, collarbone... His hand moved accross her breasts like a warm wisp of wind, and continued it's silent inventory, eventually resting between her legs. Her body welcomed his touch. Delenn squeezed John's upper arm and her hand followed it down to his own hand clutching his hard penis, helping guide it to the right spot. He thought he was going to explode, and with Delenn's guidance he could feel a wonderful wet tightness engulfing his cock.

   It felt incredible....and different....like the wall firmly around his penis was shifting on its own. John thrust his very ready cock as deep as he dared, letting out a muffed growl. Delenn felt a little discomfort, and for a moment thought this was nothing like Minbari coupling, and not what she had expected. Looking into John's eyes, she was comforted seeing passion and love that burned like a thousand stars. He felt a odd undulation around his privates that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. "Oh my god, Delenn," he moaned "move...honey..." as he rolled over pulling her small frame on top of him. The power of the motion and the change pressure points between Delenn's legs started a unfamiliar jolt of electricity through her body. "Oh dear, Johnnnn," his name was almost a silent cry as she started to rock uncontrollably. She threw her head back, realising this was pleasure she'd not imagined! When she looked at him, their eyes locked as did their movements---like a slow wave that built into a frienzied cadance till they both ignited. The the wild beating of their hearts was all they could hear and feel.

   They lay there for sometime; Delenn stroking John's face, while he felt the contours of her back as she rested on top of him. "Thankyou," he sighed as he gently squeezed her smooth backside. "Ummmmmmm," she acknowkedged, replying, "I did not know you could do that!" "Do what?" he chuckled as his breathing returned to normal. "Well John," she said after taking a cleansing breath, "I told you that this had to be done properly and not get, as Ivanova says way 'outta hand.' And as you know I am not fully human, and we Minbari do not sweat as you humans....." "Delenn!!!" John blurted as he started to sit up. "Sshhhhhhh," she murmered in his ear and sighed as he felt whatever part that was holding his now relaxed penis start to dance. "Ummmmm, Delenn," he whispered as he relaxed back onto the bed. "It was good, was it not?" she smiled lazily. "Absofragginlutely," he muttered into her hair, "Even your job of blowing..." He closed his eyes holding his love tighter in his arm, and sighing to himself. "Mind blowing!"





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