By Felicia Ferguson




   Rating: PG

   Author's Note: This is my first attempt at Babylon 5 fanfic, but as I watched this episode (for the twentieth time) something clicked inside my head. This is the result. I hope you enjoy it. All comments, with the exception of flames are welcomed.

   Timeline: This occurs during "Atonement" during which Delenn is forced to confront her clan about her love for Sheridan.






   There is no way for me to tell him, to explain the rituals of my people. The Dreaming has been our guide for thousands of years. It has aided us in choosing our leaders, helped us to understand our underlying motivations. It is as much a part of us as the castes.

   I have experienced it once before, but not as the intended dreamer. I know from the past that there is nothing to fear. In one sense, this is no different from the meeting with Sebastian. As with the Vorlon inquisitor, I am merely being tested. Again, my true motives will be revealed. There will be pain, as before, but it will not be physical. There will be shock, but not from electricity. This pain, this shock, will come from within: pain if my clan decides to refuse my relationship with John, shock at the actions that have led me to this point that led to so many deaths.

   There are no guarantees that I will leave Minbar once the Dreaming has made its revelation. There is no certainty that my clan will allow my love for John. But one thing I do know: while I am there, I will fight my heritage for my love…and pray that I do not lose both in the end.

   If they do recognize the truth -- when they recognize the truth -- that there is purpose in our love, in our match, I will return to him. He will ask, as I know he will, what has happened, what took me from his quarters in the middle of the night, but how will I explain? How will I tell him that our love stood on the brink and was almost destroyed by the hands of my clan, of people who do not know us as us?

   Such knowledge will only cause him pain. He will rail against the injustice, against the helplessness, against the fact that I faced the inquisition, this time, without him. No good will come of that. And so, when I am allowed to return to him, I will answer when he asks and say, "Yes, everything's fine."

   For it will be. The heart does as the heart does. There is no other option but to follow.





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