Discoveries (Part Two)

By Peej


Their mouths explored each other; lips, tongues, sensitive skin, moving together, triggering sensations which spread throughout their bodies while their hands tried to solve the puzzle of unfamiliar clothing. When he finally, reluctanty, pulled his mouth away, she freed her arms from her sleeves, and he began to work on the clasp that held her overdress closed at the waist. Its intricacy defeated him, and he softly growled, "How does this damn thing work?"

"Let me," she whispered against his chest, and lay back as her fingers sprang the hidden catch. He pushed her clothes out of the way and caressed one breast with his hand, lightly pinching and twisting the nipple between thumb and forefinger, as he pulled her other nipple into his mouth. As she felt his free hand slide down her body, what remained of her clothing suddenly felt unbearably confining, and she shifted her body to help him finish undressing her, lifting her hips so he could slip off her dress and everything she wore under it.

His eyes devoured her as his hands moved over her bare skin. Lying beside him, she seemed tiny, but he knew there was tremendous strength inside that apparently fragile body--strength of spirit, as well as physical strength surpassing that of the average Human. He found her incredibly beautiful, incredibly arousing. She looked completely Human, as far as he could tell, and he examined her more carefully, curious to see whether he could find any differences. Perhaps the patch of hair between her legs was smaller, sparser, but hell, he hadn't exactly built up an exhaustive data base. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered except the fact that this was the woman he loved, and in his eyes she was perfect. He could feel her trembling as he brushed his lips and fingertips over her skin, and his awareness of her arousal increased his own.

She watched him as he looked at her, and his eyes on her body, so obviously appreciative, were nearly as tangible and exciting as his hands and mouth. Her breath was almost a sob as she felt his hands glide back up her legs, thumbs caressing the insides of her thighs, his hands floating over the surface of her skin, barely making contact, making her shiver wherever he touched her.

The sensations she was experiencing were overwhelming; she couldn't think; didn't want to think, could only feel, and want. He seemed intent upon kissing every millimeter of her skin, and her body seemed to be moving of its own accord, lifting to push against his hands, as her own hands moved up his shoulders and tightened in his hair. His lips continued their slow exploration of her body, until they found her mouth again, and he kissed her hungrily, rolling to his side and pulling her against him. Her body felt like fire as her breasts pressed against his chest, skin melting into skin.

She couldn't stand the feel of the fabric still separating his body from hers and unfastened his waistband, slipping her hands inside, trying to get the unwanted clothing out of the way. Her hands slid down the sides of his hips; thumbs moving along the hollows of his pelvis, pushing his pants as far as she could reach.

He shuddered at her touch; so intimate and arousing, and he felt himself becoming erect as his arms tightened around her, crushing her against him. He let her go long enough to pull off his remaining clothes, then pulled her close again, savoring the feel of her naked skin touching his.

They were drowning in each other, mouths locked, hearts pounding together, barely able to tell where one body ended and the other began. Delenn moved her hands down his body, investigating the ways it differed from hers, and she heard the sharp intake of his breath as her fingers discovered his pubic hair and moved through it curiously. She marvelled at the contrast of its coarse, springy curls with the silky hair covering his head and her fingers explored further, lightly moving over his erect penis. She felt him tremble in response, and he rolled over again, pinning her beneath him.

Her body welcomed his weight with a slow, shuddering sigh, and they kissed again, almost desperately this time. He finally tore his mouth away and lifted himself on his elbows, concentrating his weight on her lower body, and her head jerked back, her back arching again as she felt his pelvis pressing against hers.

His hands moved up and down on her breasts, stroking them rythmically with a deep, steady pressure, and she felt her nipples respond to the stimulation, becoming so hard, so sensitive, that they ached almost unbearably. The ache spread down her body, concentrating itself between her legs, and she moved them apart, barely conscious of what she was doing.

She was overwhelmed by sensation, hardly able to breathe, barely able to process what she was feeling or to believe the way her body was moving without her conscious volition in response to what he was doing. She'd never experienced such intense need; never imagined it was possible. She needed more than just his hands on her breasts, his weight pressing her hips into the bed; she needed to feel him with her entire body. She grasped his head in her hands and pulled him closer so they could kiss again, and their mouths locked as his arms went around her, holding her body so close to his that he seemed part of her. As their mouths moved rhythmically against each other her arms tightened around him and she tilted her hips, lifting her pelvis toward him.

He felt her moving under him and wondered if she realized the effect she was having on him. He desperately wanted to respond to the invitation her body offered, but he was afraid it was too soon, that she wasn't really as ready as her behavior made her seem.

His penis was hard against her thigh, and she heard him groan as he moved his hips, seemingly about to enter her, but instead, he pulled himself away, let her go, and fell back onto the bed where he lay beside her, gasping for breath. She almost cried in frustration at the sudden cessation of stimulation, and rolled onto her side to face him. He struggled to slow his breathing, tried to find his voice, and stopped her hand as she tried to pull him toward her again.

"Delenn," he gasped, "Delenn, wait. Try to slow down a little. You don't want to rush this, you don't want it to be over too fast."

She tried to focus on his voice, his words; tried to slow her breathing, and forced herself to concentrate on his face instead of her body's demands. When they were both breathing more normally, he gently took her into his arms, saying, "Don't move. Just let me hold you for a while."

As she began to regain her composure, she was suddenly embarrassed by her earlier loss of control, and hid her face against his chest. "I'm sorry," she whispered, "I cannot believe I..."

"No, Delenn, no, don't apologize," he protested, as he lifted her face to his and made her meet his eyes. "You didn't do anything wrong. In fact," he said, with a short laugh and a shake of his head, "The problem was that what you were doing felt *too* right. You're one hell of a quick learner."

"I have a very good teacher," she answered, then, a little surprised by her own boldness, she ducked her head against his chest again.

He kissed her hair as he whispered, "Delenn, I just want to make this as good for you as possible. I don't want you to have any bad memories of our first time. I don't want to take the chance of hurting you by doing anything before your body's really ready for it, and I don't want to let myself get so excited that I can't hold back, and it's all over before you've had a chance be completely satisfied."

She kissed his chest softly, sliding her arm along his shoulder and around his neck, touched by his concern, amazed by the depth of her love, grateful that this was the man destiny had chosen for her. She wondered, not for the first time, how he could have become so much a part of her after so short a time; such a small fraction of the years she'd been alive. She was still acutely aware of his body and her own arousal, but she was under control now, able to able to wait a little.

"So," she whispered, "What do we do now?"

He smiled and kissed her before answering, sliding his hand down her side, caressing her, his fingers moving lightly over her skin to the small of her back, feeling her body stiffen as his fingers followed her spine to its end, slipping between her hips. "Now, we get back to what were doing before, but we try to take it a little more slowly so I can figure out just how ready you really are."

Breath beginning to quicken again, she asked, half teasing, half genuinely curious, "And just how do you determine that? Why don't you just ask me?"

"Because I'm an explorer at heart," he answered, guiding her onto her back again. "I've always liked to discover things for myself." He grinned as he continued, "And I absolutely hate leaving territory uninvestigated."

He lay beside her, propped on an elbow, studying her face. As she returned his gaze, he suddenly recalled an ancient Earth adage, "The eyes are the windows of the soul." Hers were the most eloquent eyes he'd ever known, and made so much apparent--her desire and anticipation, tinged with anxiety because she wasn't sure what to expect, but above all else, her love, her complete faith in him. Doubting that his own face revealed his feelings half as well, wanting to be sure she knew, he relied on words. "I love you, Delenn," he told her seriously, hoping she could see how much he meant it; how hard he intended to try to make sure her trust in him was never disappointed.

Sliding his hand under her head and lifting her toward him, he kissed her, lips gentle at first, becoming more demanding as she responded. He felt her becoming more aroused; felt her hand on the back of his neck pulling him closer. He let his own hand move down her body, reawakening her desire, teasing her nipples until they were hard under his fingers again, his mouth replacing his hand as it moved lower, sliding over her stomach, coming to rest on the tuft of hair covering her pubic bone. He could feel her trembling as he pressed the heel of his hand against her, while his fingers slipped between her legs, teasing through the tangle of hair, seeking and finding the wetness there.

His touch was electric; her body convulsed at the shock of this newest sensation. She gasped his name as she felt him stroking her with slippery fingers, and gave up any pretense of control. His touch was almost unbearable--too much, and not enough. Each time his fingers moved, her body jerked, her spine tensed, and she cried out, gasping, sobbing; one second wanting him to stop, the next, thinking she'd die if he did.

He seemed to know her body better than she ever could; knowing exactly where to touch, and how, and for how long. She was continually surprised by her own reactions; each time she was sure nothing could possibly be more exciting, or give her more pleasure than she was already feeling, she discovered she was wrong. Each breath she took was a gasp; each exhalation, a shuddering sigh. Her hands clutched at him desperately, trying to pull him closer, and she heard herself gasping for breath, begging him, "John--please-- please--John...," not sure what she was asking for, but trusting him to know.

When he was finally convinced that she was ready, he moved his body on top of hers, slipping his fingers away, tightening his arms around her, capturing her mouth with his. She felt his knee separating her legs, and she opened them wider, lifting her own knees slightly, gripping him with her thighs. He waited, holding his body still, doing nothing more than kissing her, giving her time to adjust to his weight.

After having had such intense sensation concentrated in so small an area, the even pressure of his body on hers was soothing to her over-stimulated nerves; the pleasure undiminished, but less localized. Her entire body accepted him, wanted him, ached for his touch, for the joining of his body with hers. She wasn't sure what was happening; what would happen, she only knew she was ready to find out, to experience physical love in its entirety.

He shifted his body and she felt his hand between her legs again, stroking her, preparing her, testing her readiness. Her body tensed as his fingers slipped inside her, opening her, and she felt the tip of his penis sliding behind his fingers, opening her more deeply as he slowly pushed into her. Her head jerked back and her hands clutched at him; she gasped in surprise and her muscles clenched involuntarily, tightening around his penis. He held his body still, and she felt his lips against her ear as he asked, "Am I hurting you? Do you want me to stop?"

It was a struggle for her to find enough breath to answer him. "No--no--don't stop." She grasped his face between her hands, pulling him towards her. "I--I told--told you I--I want this...I want you."

He began to move again, but almost immediately, he felt her muscles clenching. She'd meant what she'd said--she did want him-- but her body and mind were so overwhelmed by sensation that any increase in stimulation was more than her hypersensitive nerves could absorb and she couldn't keep her body from tensing as she felt him penetrating her.

He forced himself to hold his body still, breathing deeply while he tried to maintain control. Stopping had been harder this time,and he wasn't sure how much longer he could continue to restrain himself. He was determined not to hurt her, but this was becoming intolerable. He had to be inside her completely, or they had to stop, and whatever it was going to be, it had to happen soon.

He pulled back a little and carefully lifted himself onto his elbows to look at her. Her neck was arched, her eyes tightly closed, and her breathing shallow and rapid. "Delenn..." She didn't seem to be aware of his voice and made no response. Slipping his hand under her head, he lifted her face toward him. Startled back into awareness, she opened her eyes and tried to focus on his face, to register what he was saying.

"Delenn, if you want me to stop, I will, but you have to tell me now."

The thought of stopping was unbearable, and she gasped, "No-- no," shaking her head and clutching him more tightly.

"Then, if you really want this to happen, you have to relax and let me in." He leaned down to kiss her gently, and stroked her cheek as he continued, "If you keep tensing up like this, it's going to hurt. Just...just try to breathe, try to let go."

She took a deep, shuddering breath and nodded, closing her eyes again. Under normal circumstances, she monitored and adjusted her body's reactions unconsciously, maintaining physical and emotional control, but what was happening to her was so new, so all- encompassing, that those automatic mechanicisms had failed. She called on her Minbari training to regain control of her body, forcing her breathing to slow, calming her frantically pounding heart.

He felt her body becoming still, her heartbeat slowing, and the muscles which had been clenched against him beginning to relax. He waited a moment until he was sure she was ready, then began to move again, sighing with pleasure as he slipped more deeply into the moist heat of her body. He was startled to encounter a brief resistance; he felt her body jerk and heard a quickly stifled cry as he broke through, cursing himself for not expecting it.

She exhaled slowly as she felt him penetrating her, her sigh of pleasure echoing his. She felt a flash of pain and couldn't keep herself from tensing and crying out, but she had taken control of her body again and was able to relax immediately, opening herself to him. The pain was gone as quickly as it had come, and there was nothing left but pleasure.

She wanted all of him, needed to feel him deep inside her, and she clutched his hips, trying to pull him closer. He felt her hands on his body, felt her lifting her hips to meet him, felt himself sliding into her, and gasped as she took him in completely. She cried out again, not in pain, but in pleasure, in wonder, in welcome, knowing at last that this was what she had waited for; that this was where he belonged. This had become inevitable with that first, almost accidential touch, when she'd been almost as surprised as he to discover that her hand was covering his.

She pulled his face down to her so she could kiss him again, drinking him in, tasting the salt on his lips, breathing in the smells of his body and hers, the scents mingling to produce something new and intoxicating.

After delaying for so long, being inside her was so exciting that it was a struggle for him not to let go. He forced himself to hold still for a moment, fearing that if he moved the stimulation would be too intense for him to maintain his control. Opening his eyes to look at her, he saw that she was watching him, her face flushed, mouth open as she breathed rapidly, her eyes searching his face, trying to understand what was happening, what he wanted her to do. He forced himself to think of her, of what she needed, refusing to acknowledge the urges of his own body. He leaned down to kiss her, gently, deeply, then began to move inside her slowly.

She had put her arms around his neck, holding him close while he kissed her. As she felt his slow, easy thrusting, her heart began to race again, and she felt, rather than heard, the low moan beginning deep in her throat. She tore her mouth away so she could breathe, and her hands released his neck, sliding down to caress the tight muscles of his shoulders and back.

She felt his mouth moving on her throat and shoulders, kissing, biting, sucking at the sensitive skin, and she stopped trying to think about what she should be doing and just let herself feel what he was doing to her and how her body was responding. He felt huge inside her, filling her completely, and she began to rock her hips, moving with him as he moved rythmically inside her; pulling back then pushing into her again.

He grasped her hips in his hands, holding her still. "Don't move with me, move against me." He showed her what he meant, holding her hips against the bed as he pulled back, then lifting her toward him as he thrust into her again. She cried out again as he penetrated her more deeply, and began to move as he'd shown her, her breathing becoming shallow and rapid as her pleasure intensified, overwhelming her with feelings she'd never imagined. Her whole body was almost unbearably sensitive and she was acutely aware of his body moving on hers; the friction of his chest rubbing against her breasts, her nipples aching and tender, and she tightened her arms around him, trying to pull him even closer.

He felt her tighten around him as he partially withdrew, then felt her relax, opening to take him back in. It was incredibly exciting, but knowing that he was giving her pleasure, hearing her cry out each time he penetrated her, excited him even more. His thrusts quickened, and he slid one arm under her shoulders and the other under her head, holding her so tightly that she could barely breathe, as his mouth found hers again. There was nothing gentle in his kiss now; it was passionate, demanding, and he crushed her mouth against his so hard that she tasted blood as her teeth broke the skin of her lower lip. It didn't matter; nothing mattered, nothing except the feel of skin moving on skin, body pressed against body, moving apart only to make it possible to move even more closely together.

She rocked her hips to meet each thrust, matching his rhythm, her body undulating beneath his. She fought for control, trying to process what was happening, trying to breathe more slowly, but finally surrendered to sensation as her pleasure intensified and localized. She was only dimly aware of the sounds she was making, hardly able to believe they were coming from her own throat. She tried to speak, her words punctuated by gasps. "John--John--please--I can't--I can't stand any more." Her actions belied her words, as she clutched his hips and tried to pull him even closer, even deeper inside her.

"Yes, you can," he reassured her, his rhythm slowing, but not stopping. "You're almost there." His hands slipped under her, pressing her closer, tilting her hips so that the base of his penis came into contact with her clitoris with every stroke, skin rubbing against slippery skin. The increased stimulation was almost more than she could bear, as every nerve in her body seemed tied to that tiny bump of exquisitely sensitive tissue.

Her body stiffened, and inarticulate cries, gasps, sobs, were torn from her throat as she felt him moving inside her, his hands under her hips pressing her against him. Her hands clenched, fingers digging into his buttocks as she rocked against him, back arched, throat exposed, the top of her head pressing into the pillow. She felt his teeth on her throat and heard him stifling his own cries against her skin. She grabbed his head in her hands gasping, "John...John... John..." in rhythm with his thrusts, her mouth desperately searching for his; he turned his face toward hers, and their mouths locked together as tightly as their bodies were locked.

She tore her mouth away with a gasp as her back arched again and she felt her body tensing, every muscle tightening, her hands clenching into fists, her nails digging into her own palms. Every movement increased her sensitivity, and she could feel the tension building toward something that seemed just out of reach. Each time he moved inside her, she felt closer to the brink, her muscles clenched so tightly that she was trembling. The tension continued to build almost unbearably, her body stiffening completely, until finally, her excitement peaked and the tension shattered into a series of tiny, rippling explosions, beginning where she held him between her legs and spreading, sending waves of pleasure surging through her entire body. She clutched her arms around him again, her fingers digging into his shoulders as her body convulsed and sounds she'd never imagined herself making were ripped from her throat.

When it was finally over, he held her quietly for a moment, his lips moving over her face and throat while she gasped for breath. When her breathing slowed a little, his mouth found hers and he kissed her passionately as he began to thrust inside her again, gently at first, then harder, faster, deeper, moving at last toward his own release. She was exhausted, barely able to move, or so she thought, until she felt her body beginning to respond to him again. She tightened her arms and legs around him and matched his rhythym, her own excitement peaking again as she moved with him until she felt him convulse as he let himself go, surrendering to his climax with a shuddering, gasping cry.

He managed to find the breath to whisper, "I love you," and heard her answer, "And I love you," before he collapsed on top of her. They were both exhausted, but unwilling to let it end, and she held him in her body as his lips slowly moved against her throat. She turned her face to him, and their lips met in a soft, tender kiss, which was followed by another, and another, and another, as they held each other close. Their caresses were no longer urgent, but their hands continued to move over each others' bodies, soothing, relaxing, communicating their love. When he shifted his body to lie beside her, she felt a sense of loss as he slipped out of her, as if her body were no longer complete without his. She turned to him and reached out to touch his face as he put his arms around her, and their eyes met, saying all there was to say, before she laid her head on his chest and slept in his embrace.


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