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   Here's a scene that's been roaming inside my head for a while. . . and it's also my first piece of fan fiction ever! Hope you like it.

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   She stared up at the ceiling, unable to sleep.

   'At least he can,' she thought, turning to face him. In the dim light she saw his face, free of the cares and worries that weighed it down during the day. No worries about lives or wars. Just sleep. His night-face. She wondered what he was dreaming about. Was it about her? A peaceful dream? A nightmare?, she questioned herself silently. Or no dreams at all? Did humans even dream like Minbari? Or were they so very different? For that matter, what did they dream about?

   Humans are so complex, it seemed. On the outside, it seemed as if they were brash and illogical. A race that had no place in the solemn business of the stars. Or did they? On the inside, though, they had emotions that would teach even a Minbari something about how life worked. Anger. Joy. Hope. Fear. And love. Especially love. Emotions that would eventually drive them further out into the stars or back towards the nightmare that fueled them.

   There were some among her race that would dismiss humans entirely. They would say that humans do not have what it would take to survive as a species. Yet she had found that they were a brave race, one that would not easily give in to the darkness waiting beyond. They had endured numerous struggles to survive, yet had reached the stars. When the Minbari warfleet, as the humans would say, 'came a'knockin on the door' of Earth they did not surrender but fought even harder, choosing to die rather than to give up what they cared for. They battled among themselves sometimes for the most mundane of reasons, but worked towards peace among their people and other races. And then, of course, there was the current war against the Shadows. Time and again she had seen humans go out and fight against overwhelming odds, all the while knowing that they might not return from the cold darkness of space. Her love had gone into battle leading armadas of ships that had suffered heavy causalities against the spider-like forces, yet it had never weakened his resolve to fight a war that would protect generations of humans and aliens he might never see.

   A sigh escaped her lips. Would she ever understand them? Or would she understand him better? Perhaps. She didn't know.

   When she had first fallen in love with him she was certain of what love was. Now, she wasn't so sure. Her own culture's definition of love had taught her to handle things in a logical way. With him, though, he expressed his love for her in so many ways. . ..such as telling her he loved her before going to bed at night and when he got up in the morning. For the passionate lovemaking they made that was more between their souls instead of their persons. For making her laugh when she needed to laugh and wiping her tears away when she cried. For holding her in his arms when there was no good reason for doing so. She had learned so much from him not by what he said, but how and why he did it.

   "Delenn?", he mumbled, dreaming away in his sleep. She leaned over and kissed him. A part of her wanted to stay there, to return the love he so greatly gave her without expecting anything in return. Reluctantly, Ambassador Delenn broke away and snuggled up next to Captain John Sheridan, feeling his warmth through her thin nightgown. His arm instinctively went around her and drew Delenn closer to the man that was her mate, the man that would stand beside her through hell and beyond and would never leave her alone again.

   'I love you, John,' she thought drowsily, as her eyes closed and she drifted off to a peaceful sleep.






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