By Travis Gillis




   Here's a nice little scene that I dreamed up a while back - actually, I wrote it for Heather Aikens as a laugh, but it was too good to let it die at that...

   Disclaimer: JMS and others own everything and anything within the B5 universe. If JMS doesn't happen to like this -- oh, boy! With my luck, he'd resurrect the Shadows AND the Vorlons and send them after me! And I just paid good credits for a new ship, too!

   Any comments, criticisms, warring Minbari castes, lunatic Earth Presidents, weirded out ex-security chiefs, and job offers on Mars can be gratefully launched at: voyager1@ktsnet.com






   Typical bedroom scene -- Babylon 5. Both John and Delenn are on the bed in Sheridan's quarters, practically tearing each other's clothing off.

   John (after planting a few kisses on Delenn's neck): Wow, Delenn, I've always wanted to jump your bones...

   Delenn (smiling): Jump my bones? I'm afraid that I do not understand the reference, John.

   John (embarrassed): Uh...making love to you? Doing the nasty? Slap and tickle?

   Delenn: Ah! Now I understand. (Traces finger across his lips) There is a phrase in the Minbari language which describes what you are trying to say: Chims'se domo.

   John: And that means...

   Delenn: Shake the Ship. However, John, there is one more ritual that we have to perform: the Ritual of True Self.

   John (panting): Aw, come on, Delenn! Do you know how long it's been since I've been with a woman? Three years! This is torture! This is...(He starts to say more, but Delenn puts a finger to her lips).

   Delenn: It's very simple. All you have to do is...(she leans forward to whisper in his ear)

   John (face turning red): Oh, no! NOT THAT! That's too embarrassing! Isn't there something else I can do?

   Delenn: It matters to me a great dead that we do this, John. (Gives him the same 'smile and be sexy' look she gave him in "Atonement").

   John (Melts and forgets his name): Well...ok. How long do I have to do this?

   Delenn: Only for a few minutes. I will be waiting for you.

   John (moves towards the door): Promise?

   Delenn: Promise.

   John removes what remains of his clothes and steps out the doorway, stark naked. He then starts streaking his way down towards the Zocalo, passing a confused, then leering Ivanova...

   Meanwhile, Delenn moves over to the door panel and changes Sheridan's lock code (wasn't it nice of him to give it to her?) and locks the door before proceeding to her own quarters. She did promise that she would wait for him, true -- but she didn't say where she would wait...






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