By Walter Kingston




***************** WARNING *******************
This story contains adult subject matter and
may be offensive to some readers. If the act
of human love making offends you, please read
no further.






Delenn watched with a smile from the end of John's bed as he slept soundly. The snoring had stopped just moments before, and the memory of John explaining it away as "human meditation" so long ago had brought a silent laugh to her as she endured the droning sounds.

   He was sleeping so peacefully now, the expression on his face so true to his spirit that she knew he was her soul mate. "I have waited all of my life to be with you," she thought. "He is so beautiful. I'm proud to be his -- what did he call it? -- 'fiancee'? Yes. In Valen's name, yes."

   She got up carefully from his bed and moved to the doors of his sleeping chamber. She'd been in and out of the bedroom often that last night of the Minbari sleeping ritual, but this time she stopped at the doorway and reached out to slowly, quietly close the doors, locking her inside with him. Then she turned and walked purposefully toward the bed as she loosened her robe and fluidly slid the garment from her naked body.

   Without so much as a pause, she slipped under the covers to join him. She lay there, face to face with him and tried to speak to him without uttering a word. "John," she thought. "John? Can you feel me, my love? I'm here and I will never leave."

   Suddenly, John's eyes slowly opened. It took him a second to focus, but he quickly locked onto Delenn's eyes. If he was confused by her presence, there was no indication. It was as if he had heard her calling to him and knew why she was sharing his bed. They stared deeply into each others' eyes, knowingly. And then he slid toward her and they met in a deep, loving kiss.

   The kiss lasted a few moments and then he broke away and reached up to push the hair out of her face. Then he quietly asked her, "Did I pass?"

   "Yes," was all she said as she moved in to kiss him again. This time, he reached out to embrace her under the covers and let out a slight groan of surprise and pleasure as he realized that she wasn't wearing anything at all. She returned the embrace, and they continued to kiss passionately while rubbing up and down the other's back, shoulders, head and arms.

   The kissing moved from the lips as John began tasting her cheeks, eyes, chin, ears and neck. Each newly kissed place drew an ever more heated moan of pleasure from Delenn, muffled only by the oft return to the well of her lips by John's passionate, roaming mouth.

   He broke from kissing to hold her head tenderly and stare her in the eye. "History awaits," he said softly with a smile. A smile which she was forced to return as she remembered her earlier response to his question about what happened if the female approved of the male during the sleeping ritual.

   They kissed again, tongues roaming and sharing from mouth to mouth until every section of their lover's mouth was explored by the other. Again, he began a journey of exploration about her body as he moved to her neck and her shoulders, kissing every inch of her soft skin. She turned onto her back to give him easier access to her body. He continued, gently kissing, licking and gently biting. It was too much for Delenn, who shivered with delight as her flesh turned goose.

   His mouth continued its journey over new areas of Delenn's body, finding its way to her right breast. As he began to kiss the flesh of it, his hand reached up and began to caress her left breast, gently, softly. He moved across the perfectly sized gland until he found and enveloped her rigid nipple. He simultaneously licked and sucked ever so carefully, causing her to arch her back and moan.

   Not wanting to be unfair, he moved off of her left breast, alternately kissing and licking her chest as he moved to repeat the process on the other side. Again, Delenn moaned with delight and deep satisfaction as he surrounded her erect nipple with his lips and licked.

   As he continued to play with her upper body, Delenn reached over and began to rub his chest and shoulders. She ran her hands through his hair as he dragged his lips down her torso, from her neck to her waist. He began to rub her legs as she pushed him over onto his back with a smile.

   "Your turn," she whispered, as she leaned in for a kiss and then began her own oral exploration of his body. She started with his face, his eyes, ears, lips, chin, and cheeks, and soon she was kissing and licking his neck, his shoulders, his chest. She found his own hard nipples amusing and she giggled while licking and teasing them, looking up at him from time to time to get his opinion of her work. But she surely didn't need to, as his groans and moans at the sensation of this beautiful Minbari tenderly loving his body were clue enough.

   As she continued to kiss, suck and gently bite his nipples, she let her hands roam the lower portions of his body, rubbing his stomach, his legs, and, through the fabric of his underwear, his now very hard penis found a companion as her hand brushed over it. The sensation was enough to send a chill down his spine and he suddenly sucked in a breath and let out a soft moan.

   Delenn was no dummy -- she'd studied human sexuality on her computer, once she knew this day would come, so she knew very well she'd get that reaction from John. "Besides," she thought, "humans don't make love much differently than Minbari."

   While she loved the taste of his body, she hungered for his mouth again and slid her body back up to meet his lips and they engaged in very deep, loving kisses that threatened to swallow them whole.

   They must have laid there for minutes, just kissing and holding each other before John gently pushed Delenn onto her back and continued to kiss her while he began caressing her stomach, and then her legs -- outside, and then inside the thighs. He brushed over her pelvis, marveling at the smooth, hairless skin beneath his fingers. "I wonder if it's naturally bald," he thought, "or if she . . . nonsense, John, idiot, of course it's natural. Why would Delenn shave down there? Get a grip." He smiled.

   He continued the process of rubbing and caressing her legs and stomach, each time staying on her warm, lovely vagina longer and longer as he let his fingers map the area completely. Finally, on about the fourth trip around, he moved his hand down and slipped his index finger ever so gently into the crack of flesh, sliding it down over her clitoris and into the warm, wet juices that he could now feel flowing from within her.

   She moaned deeply as he gently rubbed back and forth. His mouth now receiving the full measure of her appreciation for this new found pleasure. He continued to slide his finger up and down, noting how incredibly wet Delenn had become in such a short amount of time. On one trip down, he let his finger find and explore the opening to her vagina. He could feel the ridge and the opening beneath and with the other fingers of the same hand, he rubbed the skin folds nearby, causing her moans to shorten and her breath to quicken.

   Barely able to get the words out, Delenn spoke, "John . . . I want to feel you. I want you inside of me. Please?" Looking directly into his eyes, she pleaded with him. She wanted, no, needed the release only he could give her. He looked deep into her eyes, deep into her soul and saw the sincerity and love in her spirit.

   John released from his embrace and reached down to slide his underwear off of his hips and down his legs. Where they ended up was of no concern to him. He turned back to Delenn, grabbed her gently and kissed her again and then slowly rolled over to rest between her legs.

   She separated them naturally, as John seemed to fit perfectly between her hips. Her eyes open wide, she looked up into John's face as he smiled sweetly and moved his hips to align himself with her. Then, watching carefully, he gently slid into her wet and waiting vagina.

   They both felt a tingle of electricity as the head of his manhood made contact with her moist skin. And then, as the head slid through the opening and into the warm, wet chamber beyond, she let out a long, low moan, which continued as he continued to slide inside her. Before they both knew it, he was completely inside.

   He paused and looked into her eyes once more. He could feel her warmth and even thought he could feel the walls of her vagina throbbing around him as he stayed rested deep inside her. He lowered his head to her and they kissed gently as he began to move in and out.

   The sensations were warm and electric to Delenn and John alike. As his pumping became more frequent and deeper and harder, their breaths became faster and deeper as well.

   Delenn, controlled by some animal instinct and urge she had never felt before, began to pump her hips to meet his strokes, increasing their pleasure many times as they neared the highest peaks of pleasure their physical love could muster. She closed her eyes and turned her head from side to side as she just absorbed the passion between them.

   Suddenly, Delenn felt every nerve in her body begin to tingle and muscles she never knew she had begin to contract as her breathing became rough and out of control. She looked up at John, locking onto his gaze. "John," she gasped as she was overtaken by her first orgasm -- rocked by wave after wave of electric fire throughout her body and uncontrollable spasms of pleasure.

   John felt Delenn spasm around him and her legs tense up and pull him deeper inside as she experience her climax, and the fevered flood of passion was just enough to send him over the edge.

   With a deep, low grunt, John spilled forth his seed into Delenn as she, herself, was just recovering from her sexual heights. The deeper and harder thrusts and the animal sounds were enough to cause her to have a second orgasm, the waves of ecstasy taking her to another world beyond description.

   As John's thrusts slowed, Delenn recovered enough of her senses to realize that she had just felt more wonderful than anything she had ever hoped or imagined she would feel in her lifetime. John relaxed and took Delenn into a soft, if very sweat soaked, embrace, his head beside hers as they both breathed and felt each other's heart beating in concert with their own.

   After what seemed like an eternity, John lifted his head, kissed Delenn tenderly on the lips, slipped out of her and rolled onto his side next to her. He pulled the blankets up over them as she turned on her same side and backed into his embrace, the only expression she could muster a warm, sweet smile as her head lay against the pillow.

   "That was wonderful," she said softly. "I never knew I could feel so good."

   "It was incredible. You made it incredible. I've never felt such passion before in my life, Delenn."

   Delenn smiled even more, realizing that John was sincere and that she must have done something right. She loved feeling his body up against hers as they cuddled under the blankets, wrapped in a mutual fetal position. They laid there for several minutes, calming down and enjoying just being close. And then Delenn broke the silence.



   "If I were still completely Minbari, I wouldn't have to ask this question . . . but . . . according to Doctor Franklin, it is possible . . ."

   "What's possible, darling," John asked with a newfound concern in a night otherwise filled with joy.

   Delenn smiled at his change in mood. She knew he would always care for her and always watch out for her. She continued, "Do you think . . . Do you think we may have just created a child?"

   John's concern turned to happiness when he remembered the Delenn from the future -- his Delenn -- tell him of their son, David. He moved his head to her neck, kissed her softly and then moved to her ear and whispered, "I think it's very likely."

   His reply caused Delenn to smile and wonder. Wonder about a child she may have with this human -- a human that she herself called an "animal" after his attack on the Black Star during the Earth-Minbari War. But that didn't matter anymore. She loved him and he loved her and not even the whole universe could keep them apart now.

   "Would it be a boy or a girl," she wondered silently. "Either would be wonderful. Either would please me to no end. I love this man with all my heart and soul and I want to have a child with him . . . if it's possible. Oh, by Valen, I hope it's possible!"

   "John," she asked once more in a soft questioning voice.

   "Yes, my love?"

   "I would be proud to have your child. I know it would have your strength and heart, and I would be honored to be its mother."

   "It would be your child too, Delenn. It would have all of your wisdom, courage and beauty."

   The reality of her situation overwhelmed her and a tear began to escape her eye as she turned to face her lover and future husband. Their lips met in a soft, sweet, and loving kiss before she returned to the embrace that seemed so natural, so warm, so safe.

   Never before had Delenn needed anyone. But she now knew that John was, indeed, her Soul Mate. He was the other half of her life, and she could never live without him. Everything about him and about them was just so right that her heart ached to be with him for all eternity.

   "John," she asked with that sweet voice once more.

   John had closed his eyes and was beginning to think about the wonderful dreams he would experience that night when her voice snapped him back to the joyful reality of their embrace. He smiled and let out a little laugh, amused that she was once again asking him a question. "Yes, Delenn?"

   "I love you."

   "I love you too."

   They fell asleep in their embrace, confident in their love for one another. To them, all that existed was the other and all the time in the world was contained in that night.





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