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Zack Allen

Actor: Jeff Conaway

Season 2
Zack Allen in Security Chief Michael Garibaldi's second in command, succeeding the traitorous Jack. When Garibaldi resigned in protest over John Sheridan's interrogation of Morden, Allen replaced him and followed Sheridan's orders without question (In The Shadow Of Z’ha’dum). Allen recently agreed to wear the Nightwatch armband distirbuted by the Ministry of Peace, seeing the opportunity to earn an extra 50 credits for performing his normal duty anyway.

Season 4
After Security Chief Michael Garibaldi resigned, Zack Allen was promoted to replace his friend. Zack was the only one who believed that Garibaldi would someday return to the post. Zack was forced to confiscate Garibaldi's Security pass and PPG, but that didn't stop Michael from using backups to thwart Zack and his old team. Now a senior officer, Zack was outfitted for an Army of Light uniform but found the fabric irritating, much to the annoyance of his Minbari seamstresses.


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Zack Allen

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