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Actor: Tim Choate

Season 1
Zathras was a mysterious alien who was found on Babylon 4 after it began time-shifting. He said he was acting on behalf of The One who needed B4 as a place "to gather, to fight, to organize" against the dark forces in a great war. "We pull this place through time to save us all." When The One appeared, Zathras handed him a time stabilizer. The One stopped B4 temporarily for it's crew to get off. As B4 began to accelerate, Zathras was rescued by The One (a much older Jeffrey Sinclair).

Season 3
Zathras is oldest living caretaker of Great Machine, 110 years old, Knows things even Draal doesn't know yet. Zathras warn, but no one listen to Zathras. Zathras wants nothing, so Zathras gets nothing. That is life. Zathras is used to being beast of burden to other people's needs. Very sad life, probably have very sad death. But at least, there is symmetry.




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