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Actor: Andreas Katsulas

The Gathering
Ambassador G'Kar is the Narn Regime's representative on Babylon 5. Obsessed with revenge for the Centaui Republic's invasion of his homeworld years ago, G'Kar plots to undermine the Centauri by forming an alliance with Minbar. To that end, he helps a member of the warrior caste come aboard B5 to make an attempt on the life of Vorlon Ambassador Kosh. When the plot is thwarted, Commander Jeffrey Sinclair suspects G'Kar's involvement, but the evidence is circumstantial.

Season 1
G'Kar is the Narn Regime's ambassador to Babylon 5. The Narn are a bitter people, having survived 100 years of cruel occupation by Centauri forces. Bent on revenge, the Narn's militarism turned many powers against them.

Season 2
After the attacks on Narn outposts by the Centauri (aided by the Shadows), G'Kar appealed to John Sheridan and the other ambassadors for help (Acts Of Sacrifice). A deeply religious man, G'Kar has warnd thet the Book of G'Quan prophecies the return of an old evil race from Z'Ha'Dum (Matters Of Honor, The Long Dark).

Season 3
Once a member of the Kha'ri, G'kar was it's only surviving member after his homeworld was conquered by the Centauri. He organized a resistance movement, and is supported by the Narns on Babylon 5, although their families are harassed on Narn (ep=303). After taking "Dust" to penetrate Londo Mollari's mind, G'Kar had a revelation from G'Lan, an angelic figure from Narn religion (It was actually Kosh). G'Kar now believes that the Narn must sacrifice all if the galaxy is to survive the Shadows (Dust To Dust).

Season 4
After Michael Garibaldi was lost during the Shadow attack, G'Kar set out to find him. G'Kar was captured by Centauri soldiers and taken back to Cartagia's palace. Londo promised to free Narn if G'Kar would aid his plan to kill Cartagia (Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?). G'Kar lost his left eye enduring Cartagia's torture (Falling Towards Apotheosis). When he returned to Babylon 5, Dr. Stephen Franklin gave him a human prosthetic eye (Atonement). G'Kar reluctantly set aside his past differences with Londo to help build a new interstellar alliance under Sheridan's leadership (Rising Star).



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