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Benjamin Kyle

Actor: Johnny Sekka

The Gathering
Dr. Benjamin Kyle is Babylon 5's Medical Officer. When Ambassador Kosh falls ill, Kyle tries to learn the reason why. Sworn to secrecy, he opens Kosh's environment suite and sees the Vorlon's true appearance. Kyle recruits telepath Lyta Alexander to read Kosh's mind. She sees that the Vorlon was poisoned with a skin tab. Kyle identifies the poison as flourazyne, and alters the molecular structure of a similar compound to create a counteragent, saving Kosh.

Season 5
Stephen Franklin has been offered a position in Earthdome, as head of xenobiological research. The position is currently held by Dr. Benjamin Kyle but Kyle intends to step down at the end of the year. Franklin will use the position to continue his research on cross-species diseases (The Ragged Edge).



    Benjamin Kyle

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