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Actor: Michael O'Hare

General Information
Valen was a 13th Century Minbari leader who successfully united the Minbari clans and castes against the Shadows and their minions during the last Shadow War. Known as 'The Minbari Not Born of Minbari' because of his mysterious origins, he appeared among the Minbari when their primary defensive station was destroyed and they were close to complete defeat. In addition to providing the Minbari crucially needed leadership, he supplied them with a new battle station of advanced alien design and, with that station and a new sense of purpose, the Minbari were able to withstand the onslought until the Shadows went back into hibernation.

After the War, Valen commenced reforming Minbari society. To maintain unity between the castes and to guard against the return of the Shadows, he established the Grey Council, in the process elevating the Workers to (technically) equal status with the other two castes. Additionally, he formed the Anla'Shok to act as the eyes and ears of the Grey Council and to warn of the Shadows' return. Many of other societal underpinnings that Minbari presently taken for granted, such as the commandment 'Minbari do not kill Minbari' were also instituted by Valen.

Valen lived among the Minbari for approximately one hundred years after his initial appearance. He married, had children and continued to lead his adopted people until one day he disappeared under circumstances just as mysterious as those that brought him to them. One thousand years after he lived, his descendants are known as 'Children of Valen'. Delenn is one of these children. Minbari believe that, one day, he will return.

In actuality, Valen was Jeffrey Sinclair - a human transported back through time by the Great Machine and transformed by the Chrysalis Device.




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