Jumpnow Banner - New beginnings

Air no.: #32

Production no.: #210

First aired: 10.02.1995

Director: Jim Johnston

Script: Larry DiTillio

Cast: Bruce Boxleitner [Captain John Sheridan], Claudia Christian [Commander Susan Ivanova], Jerry Doyle [Chief Michael Garibaldi], Mira Furlan [Delenn], Richard Biggs [Dr. Stephen Franklin], Andrea Thompson [Talia Winters], Stephen Furst [Vir Cotto], Bill Mumy [Lennier], Robert Rusler [Warren Keffer], Mary Kay Adams [Na'Toth], Andreas Katsulas [G'Kar], Peter Jurasik [Londo Mollari]

Guests: Paul Winfield [General Franklin], Ryan Cutrona [Plug], Ken Foree [Large], Morgan Hunter [Kleist], Marie Marshall [Dodger], David Growley [Lou Welch]

Synopsis: Dr. Franklin's father, Gen. Richard Franklin, arrives commanding 25,000 troops enroute the planet Akdor. Earth Alliance intends to help the Sh'lassen Triumvirate end a rebellion in exchange for a permanent base near the Narn and Centauri sectors. The two Franklins resolve a long-standing estrangement. Garibaldi and Keffer get to know some of the "Gropos" - ground pounders - but their friends die in the assault on the rebel stronghold at Matok.