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Comes The Inquisitor

Air no.: #43

Production no.: #221

First aired: 27.10.1995

Director: Michael Vejar

Script: JMS

Cast: Bruce Boxleitner [Captain John Sheridan], Claudia Christian [Commander Susan Ivanova], Jerry Doyle [Chief Michael Garibaldi], Mira Furlan [Delenn], Richard Biggs [Dr. Stephen Franklin], Andrea Thompson [Talia Winters], Stephen Furst [Vir Cotto], Bill Mumy [Lennier], Robert Rusler [Warren Keffer], Mary Kay Adams [Na'Toth], Andreas Katsulas [G'Kar], Peter Jurasik [Londo Mollari]

Guests: Wayne Alexander [Sebastian], Jack Kehler [Mr. Chase]

Synopsis: A human named Sebastian arrives on a Vorlon transport. He asks Delenn a simple question: "Who are you?" When she can't answer to his satisfaction, he inflicts increasing Pain. Sheridan intercedes, only to face inquisition as well. When Delenn and Sheridan are willing to die to save each other, Sebastian declares that they have passed the test. Sheridan discovers that Sebastian is actually a 19th Century Londoner doing penance for past sins, known to history as "Jack the Ripper".