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The Fall Of Night

Air no.: #44

Production no.: #222

First aired: 06.11.1995

Director: Janet Greek

Script: JMS

Cast: Bruce Boxleitner [Captain John Sheridan], Jerry Doyle [Chief Michael Garibaldi], Claudia Christian [Commander Susan Ivanova], Richard Biggs [Dr. Stephen Franklin], Andreas Katsulas [G'Kar], Peter Jurasik [Londo Mollari], Mira Furlan [Delenn], Stephen Furst [Vir Cotto], Bill Mumy [Lennier], Mary Kay Adams [Na'Toth], Robert Rusler [Warren Keffer], Jeff Conaway [Zack Allen]

Guests: John Vickery [Mr. Welles], Roy Dotrice [Frederick Lantz], Rick Hamilton [Mitch], Robin Sachs [Na'Kal]

Synopsis: Sheridan destroys a Centauri warship when it attacks B5 for protecting a damaged Narn heavy cruiser. The President orders him to apologize, as Earth has made an alliance with the Centauri. A Centauri blows up Sheridan's core shuttle, but he dives out. Kosh saves Sheridan, appearing to witnesses as an angelic creature from their own legends. Lt. Keffer, escorting the Narn cruiser, spots a Shadow ship in hyperspace. It kills him, but not before Keffer records the encounter.