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Voices Of Authority

Air no.: #49

Production no.: #304

First aired: 29.01.1996

Director: Menachem Binitski

Script: JMS

Cast: Bruce Boxleitner [Captain John Sheridan], Claudia Christian [Commander Susan Ivanova], Jerry Doyle [Chief Michael Garibaldi], Mira Furlan [Delenn], Richard Biggs [Dr. Stephen Franklin], Bill Mumy [Lennier], Jason Carter [Marcus Cole], Stephen Furst [Vir Cotto], Jeff Conaway [Zack Allen], Peter Jurasik [Londo Mollari], Andreas Katsulas [G'Kar]

Guests: Shari Shattuck [Julie Musante], John Schuck [Draal], James Black [guard], Vimi Mani [news caster], Gary McGurk [President Morgan Clark]

Synopsis: Sheridan intends to seek out the "First Ones" who've fought the Shadows in the past, but he can't go while Night Watch Political Officer Julie Musante is on board. Ivanova accesses the Epsilon 3 Great Machine to find the First Ones, only to discover evidence proving President Clark's involvement in the Santiago assassination. Sheridan turns over the recording to General Hague, who gives it to the media. Ivanova goes on to Sigma 957, where she recruits one ancient race to join the fight.