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Babylon Squared


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Ivanova: God, I hate mornings.
Sinclair: We noticed. Personally I find it the best part of the day.
Garibaldi: Me, too.
Ivanova: [sighs] We all have our cross to bare.
Sinclair: The time I really learned to appreciate mornings was during the years I spent being taught by Jesuits. We used to get up at five o'clock in the morning for sunrise mass, then an hour of meditation before class.
We would sit... quiet... at peace... breathing in... breathing out...


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Garibaldi: Well...
Ivanova: What?
Garibaldi: ... that was great. It just hit the spot. I see you cleaned your plate, too. Guess I better get going.
Sinclair: Me, too, it's nearly 7.30.
Ivanova: 7-7.30? I didn't even... I slept through breakfast?!? This isn't fair! This is-
Sinclair:- something? Commmander?
Ivanova: No, nothing. I'm fine. You'll have to excuse me for a second. [to her comm] C&C, this Ivanova, I realize I'm late but I'm on my way...


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Garibaldi: 4... 3... 2... 1
Ivanova: Ahhh, Garibaldi! You're a DEAD man!


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Sinclair: B4?
Ivanova: B4, as in 'Babylon 4'?
Garibaldi: What I can't figure is 'why'? B4 vanished without a trace four years ago. I don't get it.
Sinclair: Why should you? Without one piece of information. I ran a check on Sector 14. The tachyon emissions are coming from the exact location where Babylon 4 disappeared.
Ivanova: Maybe whatever happened to B4 is happening again.
Sinclair: That's one possibility...


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Computer: Coded signal matches 100 percent to archival code. Babylon 4 recognition signal confirmed.
Garibaldi: This is nuts! A station just doesn't disappear and reappear four years later like some kind of Flying Dutchman.


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Krantz: Repeat, station Babylon 4 requesting help. We need assistance! I repeat, Earth station Babylon 4 requesting help!
Sinclair: This is Commander Jeffrey Sinclair on Bab-- This is Earthforce Commander Sinclair. We read you. What is your situation?
Krantz: Thank God! We don't know. Have to abandon ship! We're---caught--- in---some kind of flux.


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Garibaldi: Mind if I ask you a question?
Sinclair: Sure.
Garibaldi: Okay, it's morning. You get ready to go to work. You pull on your pants. Do you fasten and then zip or zip and then fasten?
Sinclair: What kind of question is that?
Garibaldi: Look, we got two hours to kill...
Sinclair: Forget it!


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Sinclair: Why do you wanna know?
Garibaldi: Why do I wanna know? Because I think of these things sometimes. I was getting dressed this morning - for a second I couldn't remember what I did first. I started thinking about it. Does everybody do it the same way? Is it a left-handed - right-handed thing?
Sinclair: Do you think about this stuff a lot?
Garibaldi: Yeah.


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Sinclair: Fasten, then zip. You?
Garibaldi: Fasten, then zip.


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Garibaldi: Wanna talk socks?
Sinclair: No.
Garibaldi: Just a question...
Sinclair: I'm not having this conversation.


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Delenn: Summoned I come. In Valen's name I take the place that has been prepared for me. I'm grey. I stand between the candle and the star. We are grey. We stand between the darkness and the light.


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Delenn: My calling is to serve, not to lead. My work on Babylon 5 -
Council member#1:- is concluded.
Delenn: But the prophecy!
Council member#1: The prophecy will attend to itself. We will pray for guidance and select another to take your place. From this day forward your place it with the council, with your people! As leader. You have carried your burden long enough. It must be a great relief knowing you will never again return to Babylon 5.


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Garibaldi: Look, Commander, this isn't a coversation! Jeff, it's okay! I finally understand! This is the moment I was born for! Go! Go!
Sinclair: [pulled away by others] Wait! Wait!
Garibaldi:Coming through!


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Sinclair: What was that?
Krantz: It's different for everyone. A flash! Forward or backward. All of us. The entire station. We've become unstuck in time, Commander! That's why we have to get out of here, quickly!


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Delenn: If I enter the great hall, I will never leave it again. I will live out my days and my nights in that place.
Council member#1: Yes, it is a great honor.
Delenn: I cannot do it. I cannot accept the calling.
Council member#1: For over a thousand years, no one has refused.
Delenn: Perhaps it is time.


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Council member#1: What does your heart tell you?
Delenn: That I must stay where I am. That I must remain with Babylon 5. That I have a part to play in the change that is coming.
Council member#1: They will say it is just the voice of ego and of pride.
Delenn: Perhaps.


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Zathras: Not the One. No.
Sinclair: Not the one what?
Zathras: You're not the One. Won't talk. Can't talk. Not the One. They told me. They did. Zathras listens. He does, yes! Zathras listens and does what he is told.
Krantz: He's been talking like this since we caught him.
Garibaldi: Where did you find him?
Krantz: That's the weird part. One minute we're alone in the conference room, the next... there's a flash and there he is.


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Zathras: The One is hurt. Must find. Zathras must find help.
Sinclair: What are you doing here?
Zathras: Need this place. Need this. Use it to fight. They told Zathras biggest of all Babylon stations we need. Needing, we take. There is no more to telling.


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Zathras: Zathras tells. You let Zathras go? Finish what Zathras came for?
Garibaldi: Zathras tells, maybe we don't break Zathras' scrawny little neck!


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Zathras: Great war. Terrible war. There is much killings. Everyone fighting. A great darkness. It is the end of everything. Zathras warn but... no. No one listen to poor Zathras, no. Great war but great hope of peace. Need place. Place to gather, to fight, to organize.
Sinclair: You need Babylon 4 as a base of operations in a war, is that it?
Zathras: Do help save galaxy on the side of Light.


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Zathras: The One leads us. Th One tells us to go, we go! We live for the One. We would die for the One.


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Zathras: We pull this place through time to save us all.
Garibaldi: Pull through time to where? The past, the future? Where you come from, what year is it?
Zathras: By my world-time it is year 4993.
Krantz: But what is that in Earth-time? If we don't know where you come from, the date doesn't do us any good!
Zathras: Much apologizing. Mathematics not Zathras' skill.


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Council member#1: What is it that makes the humans so special? What is it that draws you to them?
Council member#2: They fight, they argue, they are ruled by passions and fears.
Delenn: Yes. And that is their strength.


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Delenn: Their only weakness is that they do not recognize their own greatness. They forget that they have come to this place through 2 million years of evolution, struggle and blood. But they are better than they think and nobler than they know. They carry within them the capacity to wlak among the stars like giants. They are the future. And we have much to learn from them.


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Sinclair: Where's your stabalizer?
Zathras: Gone. Gave it to the One. Now I have none.
Krantz: So, without that time stabalizer, what happens to you when it jumps?
Zathras: Zathras die. But Zathras die for cause. Maybe stop Great War. Maybe Zathras great hero. Maybe build statue to Zathras and others come remember Zathras.


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Zathras: Zathras not of this time. You take, Zathras die. You leave, Zathras die. Either way it is bad for Zathras.


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Sinclair: You're willing to let yourself die to steal a spacestation?
Zathras: Zathras does not want to die. But if it is the only way then Zathras dies. It is life.


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Garibaldi: Lise...
Lise: I don't understand you, Michael. You got a good life here, we've got history. You've met this Sinclair character twice and now you're off to Babylon 5, just like that. Doesn't what we have mean anything to you?
Garibaldi: Lise, my god. What are you doing here?
Lise: I don't know. I'm starting to wonder the same thing myself.


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Zathras: Leave me!
Sinclair: I can't!
Zathras: Go! You must. Listen to Zathras! You have a destiny. Go! Please! Go for Zathras.


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Older Sinclair: I tried. I tried to warn them. But it all happened just the way I remembered.
Delenn: I know. It's time, they are waiting for us.


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Garibaldi: Think that bit was true? About a great war and Babylon 4 being the base for someone who's trying to bring peace to the galaxy?
Sinclair: I don't know. But if it is true, I wish them luck. The station was built to create peace. Maybe now it'll do so in a way nobody ever expected. But it's still on the same mission.


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Council member#1: These are curious times, Delenn. I feel a great change in my bones. A new beginning, an end, I cannot say. We are surrounded by signs and portents and I feel a darkness pressing at our backs. If ever you have need of me, I am here, Delenn. Now, Valen go with you and light your way.


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Ivanova: Great, and I missed it.
Sinclair: Not necessarily, Lieutenant Commander. We don't know where Babylon 4 was going or when it was going. Who knows? It may show up again sometime.
Ivanova: Well, if it does this time I'm going and Garibaldi is staying here.


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Sinclair: The Flying Dutchman, he called it.
Ivanova: I didn't get that reference...
Sinclair: It's a legend. An ancient sailing vessel that vanished while trying to sail the Cape of Good Hope. According to the story it's reappeared again and again over the centuries. Trying to find its way home.
Ivanova: Did the Flying Dutchman ever make it home?
Sinclair: No.

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