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Ern-Away-Special [July 15th, 2000]
berry totally nuts... as always. ern in Sweden and berry had nothing better to do than sit in front of the Computer all night and mix this.
Features music from Air, Reamonn, the Gladiator Soundtrack and LTJ Bukem.
And some pretty bad English from berry... "don't had"?!?!?


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Hannover-Expo-Special [August 26th, 2000]
berry AND ern totally nuts... No, no... this is kinda serious. We've been on the world exposition 2000 in Hannover and this is our special about it. We think it's great. So, if you want to listen to us rambling around on the Expo - this is it!


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Bloopers from Hannover [August 26th, 2000]
These are the bloopers partly German but mainly funny... *bg*.
  - Have fun!

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